International Student Support

Life Guide



■ Residence & Daily Life

 ○ Access around Campus: Higashi-Hiroshima Campus   Kasumi Campus   Higashi-Senda Campus

 ○ Housing for International Students

  Finding Private Accomodations

 ○ Necessary Procedures at the City Office: Higashi-Hiroshima City   Hiroshima City

 ○ National Health Insurance Scheme

 ○ National Pension System

    ★ Special Payment System for Students ( " Gakusei Nouhu Tokurei Seido " in Japanese)

 ○ The "My Number" System

 ○ Regarding Bank Accounts

 ○ Garbage Disposal

 ○ When moving out



■ Car and Bike Information

 ○ Driver's License Information

 ○ Automobil Liability Insurance & Voluntary Insurance

       (*It is very necessary to purchase voluntary insurance.)

 ○ Traffic Accidents

 ○ Abandoned Bicycle and Registration

 ○ One-Handed Bike Riding Prohibited

 ○ Do you know rules of riding a bicycle?

■ Emergency Evacuation Sites

 ○ Evacuation Areas in Higashi-Hiroshima Campus

 ○ Map of Evacuation Areas Around Higashi-Hiroshima Campus

 ○ What to do when an earthquake occures

■ Useful Links

 ○ Communication Corner (in Sun-square Higashihiroshima)

 ○ Higashihiroshima City Hall

   * Living Information for foreign residents

 ○ Hiroshima City Hall

   * Life in Hiroshima: A Guide for Internatoinal Residents

 ○ Hiroshima International Center

 ○ Multilingual Living Information (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations)

 ○ Guidebook for Starting School

 ○ A daily life support portal for foreign nationals (Ministry of Justice)



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Latest update: April 28th, 2021