International Student Support

Regarding Bank Accounts


When opening a bank account at a bank or a post office


*Before opening an account, you must have completed your residence registration at the city hall.

When opening an account at the bank or the post office, you will always be required to present

your residence card stating your present address.


*Bank accounts should only be opened when they are truly necessary. If you are unsure whether

you will use it, please refrain from opening one.


*The necessary documents for opening an account are available on each bank website.

Please refer to them in advance.



Japan Post Bank (JP Bank/Yucho Bank)


<Required items to open an account>

Residence card (stating your present address), passport, seal (be sure to bring it if you have one.),

student ID card (it is always required when opening an account at JP Bank.), national health

insurance card

*We recommend that you bring the printed applicaiton sheets to a post office after filling out the necessary information through the following website.

To foreign nationals applying to open an account

Open a new ordinary savings account (application sheets)


 ※Be aware of remittances during the first six months after entry into Japan

In accordance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act*, foreign nationals (individuals not

affiliated with a corporation including international students) who have been in Japan for less than

6 months are classified as "non-residents" and those who have been in Japan for more than 6 months

are classified as "residents". While you are a "non-resident" under the Act, domestic remittances will,

in principle, be treated as international remittances.

The handling locations and fees for some domestic transfers related to non-resident customers will

be the same as those for international transfers.

Please check the details with your financial institution before remitting the money. Also note that it

may take some time to complete the remittance.

After six months have passed since your arrival in Japan, it is necessary to request the financial

institution to change your status to "resident".

For details, please refer to the information provided by each bank.

(As of September, 2022, only Japan Post Bank is applicable in the Higashi-Hiroshima campus area.)

Japan Post Bank (effective from May 6, 2022):

 (only in Japanese. Click here to see the brief extract in English.)



Other Banks


<Required items to open an account>

Residence card (stating your present address), passport, seal (if you have one), national health

insurance card

(The above-mentioned items are commonly required. Please see each bank's webpage.)




<Other Points of Attention>

★ The certificate of residence issued at the city hall is not an accepted document for opening

  accounts. You will be required to present your residence card stating your address in Japan.

When renewing your residence card or changing your address, please inform your bank of

  the change and present to them your updated residence card.

When moving abroad such as returning to your home country, please be sure to close your

  bank account.