Academic Support

Class Support System

※This page is reference information translated from Japanese,
Japanese page takes precedence if there is any discrepancies in the content.


 Our school provides a Self-study environment to the students.



◆Foreign language learing support (Please refer to the “Educational service column” under the linked Websites page).


  HP of Institute for Foreign Language Research and Education


◆Terminal installation information and service time(educational information terminal room and open space)

  HP of Information Media Center


Library usage guide


Writing Center.


Student Plaza.


Learning Support Office.


◆Open space guidance for the self-study room of undergraduate school and graduate school


  【Higashi-hiroshima campus】

 Faculty Of Integrated Arts and Sciences, The Graduate School Of Integrated Arts and Sciences


 Faculty Of Letters, The Graduate School Of Letters


 Faculty of Education, The Graduate School of Education


 Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, The Graduate School of Social Sciences


 Faculty of Science, The Graduate School of Science


 Faculty of Engineering, The Graduate School of Engineering


 Faculty of Applied Biological Science, The Graduate School of Biosphere Science


 The Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter


 The Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation


  【Kasumi Campus】

 Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences


 The Graduate School of Biomedical & Health Sciences


  【Higashi-senda campus】

 Faculty Of Law, Faculty of Economic(night school course)


 The Graduate School Of Social Science


 The Hiroshima University Law School