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Hiroshima University will conduct classes as follows, while taking advantage of the merits of both face-to-face and online classes.

#As a general rule, face-to-face classes will be held.
#Depending on the characteristics and content of each subject, classes will be conducted in combination with online, making the most of the features of each subject.

What are online classes?

These are classes that are taken using a computer connected to the Internet, etc. Hiroshima University classifies them according to the method as follows.


How to take on-demand/online classes

1) On-demand/online classes at HU are mainly provided through HIRODAI moodle (on-demand type) and Microsoft Teams (interactive type). In some classes, other methods of LMS (Learning Management System) may be used, but information regarding lesson style will be given by the instructor in charge of the course.

2) Please download Microsoft Teams (application) on your computer from the following URL and register in advance. Please note that, for the registration, your IMC account (*1) and password are required.

3) When you access to HIRODAI moodle, the names of all the registered courses will be listed, and you can select the course you wish to take. To log into HIRODAI moodle, your Hirodai ID (*2) and password are needed.
[Notice] You can not log in directly to HIRODAI moodle from off-campus.

4) In case of attending a class via the Microsoft Teams, the instructor in charge of the class will give instructions about how to connect to the class (URL, etc.), so please access to the provided URL at the designated time. A way of connection may be found in the course on HIRODAI moodle.

5) If you have any questions, please contact the student support office of your school/graduate school.

*1 IMC account = your student number (lower case alphabet)
Please enter <IMC account> in the user name for registration.
*2 Hirodai ID = your student number (capitalized alphabet)

HIRODAI moodle

Microsoft Teams

In taking online classes

○Consider the privacy and personal information of yourself and other students

 When taking interactive classes, turn off the microphone and camera before attending. Others can see where you are taking classes, such as your room, or hear the sounds of your life. However, if your instructor tells you to turn on the microphone or camera for attendance confirmation or discussion, follow those instructions.
 While attending an online class with Microsoft Teams, other people's names and email addresses will be displayed on the screen, but due to Teams specifications, they cannot be hidden. If you make unilateral contact using the displayed information, you may be subject to disciplinary action. Please do not misuse the information.

○Do not post materials or URLs shared in class on SNS etc. without permission
 Teaching materials, reference materials, lesson videos, URLs, etc. for online classes are distributed and shared on the assumption that they will be used in the classes. Do not share beyond that range.
 The teaching materials, materials, and lesson videos are also copyrighted. Posting on SNS etc. without the permission of the right holder constitutes copyright infringement.

Q & A about online classes and PC

Q.I'm using Microsoft Teams, but when I turn on my microphone, it becomes difficult to hear because the voice of others is interrupted.
 ⇒ The sound from the PC may be echoing in the room and the sound condition of the entire lecture may be worsening (howling is occurring), so please use earphones to take the course.

Q.Difficult to access HIRODAI moodle.
 ⇒ If you download the materials all at once at the beginning of the class, the communication status of HIRODAI moodle will deteriorate and it may affect other classes, so please download the handouts etc. in advance and prepare for it. In addition, securing communication capacity is an important issue for stable class distribution. Please refrain from watching videos for entertainment purposes or using data communication on SNS or online games using the university network.

Q.When I have a PC problem, I'm worried if I can solve it myself.
 ⇒ We accept consultations on the ICT environment (computer and internet) necessary for taking online classes at "Support for attending online classes by student staff (reservation required)". Please use it positively. If you have any trouble during class, please contact the faculty in charge of the class or TA.

Lecture rooms available on campus for online classes

Please note that the listed lecture rooms may not be available due to intensive face-to face lectures or preparation for entrance examinations.

Higashi-Hiroshima campus (2024/4/2 updated)
Higashi-Senda campus/Kasumi campus (2024/4/8 updated)

# Lecture rooms at Kasumi campus(excluding Ryoun Lecture Building) are available only to students in School of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, and Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences.

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◆Foreign language learing support (Please refer to the "Educational service column" under the linked Websites page).
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