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In the current situation of spreading the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), HU are trying to provide classes of the 2nd term in order to secure as many opportunities for all students to learn as possible and maintain the educational and research activities of all faculty staff and students, while giving top priority to your health and safety.

HU's Policy Regarding Class Implementation in the 2020 Second Term (2020.5.29 updated)

(2020.5.26 updated)
Classes to be held in the 2nd term (starting Tuesday June 16th)

# In principle, classes will be conducted online.

# Classes in which educational value cannot be gained without face-to-face setting, such as experiments and practical training, may be conducted. Please check the syllabus and "Momiji" class notices after June 8th for information on how to implement each class.

# The face-to-face classes will also be posted on this page.

# If you are unable to confirm the method of implementation through the syllabus or "Momiji" class notices, please contact the school/graduate school providing the course.

How to take on-demand/online classes

1) On-demand/online classes at HU are mainly provided through Bb9 (on-demand type) and Microsoft Teams (interactive type). In some classes, other methods of LMS (Learning Management System) may be used, but information regarding lesson style will be given by the instructor in charge of the course.

2) Please download Microsoft Teams (application) on your computer from the following URL and register in advance. Please note that, for the registration, your IMC account (*1) and password are required.

3) When you access to the Bb9, the names of all the registered courses will be listed, and you can select the course you wish to take. To log into Bb9, your Hirodai ID (*2) and password are needed.

4) In case of attending a class via the Microsoft Teams, the instructor in charge of the class will give instructions about how to connect to the class (URL, etc.), so please access to the provided URL at the designated time. A way of connection may be found in the course on Bb9.

5) If you have any questions, please contact the student support office of your school/graduate school.

*1 IMC account = your student number (lower case alphabet)
Please enter <IMC account> in the user name for registration.
*2 Hirodai ID = your student number (capitalized alphabet)


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