International Student Support

Immigration Procedures

* When we use the word "visa", it can also include the meaning of "status of residence".

International students receive a "student" visa from the Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice, which means that they are permitted to stay in Japan on the condition that they undertake study (research) at Hiroshima University.

As an international student, there are several visa procedures you need to keep in mind while you are living in Japan. Please read the contents of the following list carefully to make yourself aware of procedures and matters concerning your stay in Japan.

■ When the period of your "student" visa is coming to an end...

■ If you are considering working part-time...

■ AY2023 Application schedule for applying extension of period of stay and part-time work permit from the university

■ When you leave Japan temporarily...

■ Regarding University Attendence

 When bringing family members to Japan from your home country to live...

■ Notification from Immigration Services Agency

■ Hiroshima Regional Immigration Bureau Address

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