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What is "Student Plaza"?

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Rules for the Student Plaza Users

General Description of Each Floor

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What is "Student Plaza"?

  Student Plaza is a "Meeting Place for Students" where students can meet and interact with each other, and it offers "Integrated Student Support" by bringing together several different student support offices in one building. Student Plaza is established with the aim of transitioning to a "Student-Centered University", taking advantage of student propositions and their autonomous activities to improve the university management.
In particular, there are spaces and multipurpose rooms that can be used freely by the students. Offices for student life support, career and employment support, and international student support are concentrated at one location. Moreover, we promote implementation of university administration which reflects student proposals and opinions by providing opportunities for students to work as a PA (Phoenix Assistant) within the Student Plaza. Peer Supporter and Accessibility Supporter systems are also good examples of student support offered by students themselves.




1-7-1 Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima-Shi739-8514 Japan

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Opening Hours:

Opening Hours:  8:30~20:00

※Office hours are as below:

 General Reception 8:30~20:00
 Accessibility Center 10:00~18:00
 Health Service Center 8:45~17:30
 (Mental Health, ・Counseling)
 Peer Support Room 12:00~16:10
 Other Offices 8:30~17:15

Closed on

Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays.
For opening hours during the New Year break and Bon period,
please check the details in "Momiji"
It is not available on closing days.


Student Plaza, 1F General Reception


Education Support Group



Rules for the Student Plaza Users:

・Although it is allowed to bring in only light meal and eat and drink at the Student Plaza, please take all garbage back home with you because there are no garbage cans installed (However, alcohol is forbidden).

・There are vacuum cleaners and cleaning cloths available. If you spill drinks etc., please clean by yourself.

・When air conditioning is on, please keep all doors and windows closed in order to save the energy.

No poster are allowed in the building.


General Description of Each Floor

1F 【General Reception】,【Free Space】,【Consultation Room(Free to use for students)】,【Tadacopy】
2F 【Global Career Design Center】,【International Exchange Group】,【Accessibility Center】,【Free Space】
3F 【Students Services Group】,【International Exchange Group】,【Education Support Group】,【Education Planning Group】,【Free Space】
4F 【Health Service Center (Mental Health, ・Counseling】,【Peer Support Room】,【Multipurpose Rooms】



General Description of Each Floor〕 〔Contents

【General Reception】

・ 1 PA is in charge of responding to any questions, not only about affairs of the Student Plaza but also the university's student support in general, and directing customers to relevant departments if necessary.


【 Free Space(1F)】

          ・ The students can use this space freely for meetings or studying. The following facilities are available:

(64 tables, 174 chairs,8 sofas,10 newspapers (3 overseas newspapers),various kinds of pamphlets, 10 whiteboards,1 big liquid crystal display (LCD) TV (recording possible), 1 free-charge photocopy machine (tadacopy), 1 paid-for photocopy machine, 1 kettle, 1 IH cooking heater, and 1 vacuum cleaner).

Not only on 1F, but also in the hallway of 2F and 3F, there are sofas etc. which can be used freely.

・ Depending on the content of activity, it is also possible to use the Free Space on 1F exclusively for student events, etc. If you are interested, please consult the Education Support Group on 3F.





・ If you bring your own laptop, the Internet access is available (both wired and wireless LAN). Fore more information click here.


This poster indicates that the Internet may be used in that location. Connection set-up manuals are available from the General Reception.

【 Consultation Room】

・ There are 4 private rooms with capacity of about 6 persons. No reservations are required and students are free to use them unless occupied.



・ Students can make photocopies for free with "Tadacopy" machine.

Registration via mobile phones are required in order to use the machine, as the number of copies one person can make at once and within a month (month count begins on the 15th day of every month and ends on the 14th) is limited. Registration information includes sex, year, and Arts or Sciences.

Please see "Tadacopy" official web site for more details.

English user guide is here.


1F Floor Map〕 〔General Description of Each Floor〕 〔Contents


General Description of Each Floor〕 〔Contents

【Global Career Design Center】

・ Global Career Design Center assists students with future career designs from the time of admissions, and supports their job search activities.
For details click here



【Accessibility Center】

・ Accessibility Center provides academic support for students with disabilities, and deals with accessibility education and human resource development.

For details click here

【Free Space(2F)】

・ Students are free to use them unless occupied.


2F Floor Map〕 〔General Description of Each Floor〕 〔Contents


General Description of Each Floor〕 〔Contents

【Students Services Group】

・ Student Financial Support Group takes care of various scholarships, tution waivers, and admission fee waivers.

・ Student Activities Support Group provides support for extracurricular and volunteer activities, and administers student dormitories.

・ It is also a reference point for other student activities in general.



【International Exchange Group】

・ International Exchange Group provides support for international students and administers various study abroad programs.

【Education Support Group】

・ Education Support Group is the reference point for general matters related to the Student Plaza.

【Education Promotion Group】

・ Education Promotion Group deals with planning, monitoring, and evaluation of both undergraduate and graduate program education.


【Free Space(3F)】 

・ Students are free to use them unless occupied.



3F Floor Map〕 〔General Description of Each Floor〕 〔Contents


General Description of Each Floor〕 〔Contents

【Health Service Center (Mental Health, ・Counseling)】

・ Health Service Center provides mental health consultation and counseling services.

For details click here

【Peer Support Room】

・ Peer Support Room is a general consultation service for students offered by students.

For details click here

【Multipurpose Rooms】 

・ If you wish to make a reservation by phone or e-mail, please contact the Education Support Group.

・ There are 2 rooms available for student use by appointment only.

To make reservation, please contact the General Reception on 1F.



4F Floor Map〕 〔General Description of Each Floor〕 〔Contents