International Student Support

Scholarship System for Privately-Funded International Students

Scholarship System for Privately-Funded International Students

 Below are the main types of scholarships for privately-funded international students. However, please prepare your study funds before coming to Japan because the number of grantees is limited.

<Hiroshima University's Scholarship Programs>

Hiroshima University offers some special scholarship programs for international students.

Prior to AdmissionScholarship Program (HU-PASP)
Grantees will be selected by university from the students enrolled by pre-arrival admission system*.
*A system in which students can sit for the entrance exam outside of Japan

<Contents of Awards>
Monthly Stipend: 50,000 yen
Grant: Tuition Fees Exemption
Duration: 1 year  
Number of Grantees: 5 students























HU International Student Support Fund Scholarship




<Scholarships from Private Organizations>

About 40 private organizations provide scholarships to privately-funded international students. Each year, approximately 200 students receive the grants. These scholarships are only for the self-funded students already enrolled in Hiroshima University. Students before admission are not eligible to apply. Students who wish to apply for this kind of scholarship must submit application according to the application guide of each organization.

How to apply: These scholarship information will be posted on the messageboad of MY MOMIJI.

The application forms are provided at the student support office of each school/graduate school.

After preparing the required documents in accordance with each application guide, please submit them to the support office. Please be aware that if a student apply for a scholarship by university recommendation once, he/she has to refrain from other applications (by university recommendation) until getting the result.

The result will be notified via the support office.

Outline of Application for Private Organizations Scholarships

Eligibility Resident Status "Student". Other eligibilities vary according to organizations.
Duration Varies from one year to regular period of years needed to complete a course
Monthly Amount Varies from 20,000 yen to 210,000 yen
Period of Applications From July the year before to June the year you want to receive the scholarship

Application Guide

List of Foundation_Recommendation by University2023

(Reference) List of Organization_Self Application