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We have decided to resume international exchange events with careful awareness against the situation regarding COVID-19.

The events will be held online for the time being as infection prevention measures.

Following events will be held irregularly for a while. We would like to inform you about the events on NOIE and MOMIJI when arranging it.
 ・International Luncheon
 ・International Night
 ・NARUHODO! Cross-Cultural Discussion
 ・Other seasonal events (HANAMI events etc.)



You can enjoy the international exchange in campus !

◇International Exchange Event Calendar

<International activity organized by International Exchange Group >


◆NOIE(Network of International Exchange)

This is a program that consists of International and Japanese students, who are interested in international exchange and volunteer-work. They take part in international exchange activities in schools and local communities as paid or unpaid volunteers.



◆International Luncheon

The International Exchange Group holds "International Luncheon" every Thursday at lunch time. International students and Japanese students introduce their daily lifes, to improve mutual understanding of different cultures.



◆なるほど(NARUHODO)!Cross Cultural Discussion 

This is a program for Japanese students and international students that is aimed at understanding differences in ways of thinking through the group discussion on verious topics in English.



◆International Night

International students will present own culture!



◆International Party

This program provides participants with interesting games and discussion to let Japanese and international students interact each other.

<Others >

The International Exchange Information CornerStudent Plaza 1F

We have the "International Exchange Information Corner" at Student Plaza 1F.

Please take advantage of the international exchange information from here. For example, Japanese cultural experience information for international students, international exchange event information for Japanese students etc.

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◆◇Contact Address◇◆

Student Plaza 3F,
Global Initiatives Group TEL: 082-424-4541


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latest update: December 9, 2020