International Student Support

Orientation for Newly Arrived International Students

◇◆April, 2023◆◇NEW!


AY2023 Spring Orientation for Newly Arriving International Students is held online.(moodle)
The students subject to this notification will receive notification from the student support office.
Handouts are also uploaded and can be checked from the URL below.

□Academic Consultation (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□Introduction for the Center for Academic Practice and Resource(JapaneseEnglish
□Scholarships, Housing Subsidies, Insurance (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□Immigration Procedures (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□Life Consultation, International Exchange Activities (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□Disaster Readiness (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□Harassment Consultation Center (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□Accessibility Center (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□Health Service Center (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□Job Hunting in Japan (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□University Library (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□Writing Center (JapaneseEnglishChinese


Latest update: April 7, 2023