International Student Support

Orientation for Newly Arrived International Students

◇◆April, 2024◆◇NEW!


AY2024 Spring Orientation for Newly Arriving International Students is available online.(moodle)
(Course Name : AY2024Spring Orientation for Newly Arriving International students)
The students subject to this notification will receive notification from the student support office.
Handouts are also uploaded and can be checked from the links below.
★Multilingual Communication Official LINE Account(Phase2)has been released!Poster
 Please check it out!(You need to install TGO app first to start using this.)
The following functions have been added with major developments from Phase 1.
 ・AI consultation -AI will answer various questions about your surroundings. (ChatGPT is used).
 (e.g.) Housing, National Health Insurance, Immigration, Garbage disposal, Driver's license, etc.
 ・Translation of your medical symptoms -When you are not feeling well, this function translates your symptoms into Japanese, making it easier to communicate with your doctor or other healthcare professionals.
 ・Medical institution search: Search for medical institutions with multiple languages available near your current location according to your symptoms.

□Academic Consultation (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□Introduction for the Center for Academic Practice and Resource(JapaneseEnglish
□Scholarships, Housing Subsidies, Insurance (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□Immigration Procedures (JapaneseEnglish
□Life Consultation, International Exchange Activities (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□Disaster Readiness (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□Harassment Consultation Center (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□Accessibility Center (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□Health Service Center (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□Job Hunting in Japan (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□University Library (JapaneseEnglishChinese
□Writing Center (JapaneseEnglish) (Video[YouTube]


Latest update: April 1, 2024