International Student Support

Supporter System for International Students

The Supporter System

The system was designed for peer student supporters to give newly arrived international students peer- to-peer extracurricular assistance. This assistance contributes to improving the residential /college life of international students, and it is implemented within a designated period under the guidance of an academic advisor and administrative staff in charge.

International students who meet the necessary requirements can also become a supporter of other international students. Ask the administrative office of your school for further information.

Supporting Activity Proposal

Residential/Life Support

●Picking up the student at the airport/station

●Checking in at an accommodation

●Providing help for house hunting and contract procedures

●Guiding to shopping plazas and helping with buying essential items

●Assisting with procedures at a ward/city office: notification of movinf-in, National Pnension, National Health Insurance, etc.)

●Opening a bank/postal bank account

●Helping with contract procedures for utilities (electricity, gas, water) and cellphones

●Any other residential/life related activitieswhich each School/Graduate School decided that it is difficult for international students to deal with by themselves.

College life Support

●Registration support

●Tuition waiver/apply for scholarships

●Campus/facilities guide (libraries, administrative offices, etc.)

●Confirmation the schedule immediately after arrival and accompanying/ taking international students to university organized orientation meetings.

☛For more details, please refer to our "Supporter Handbook" (English version)!

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