International Student Support

Supporter System for International Students

The Supporter System

The system was designed for peer student supporters to give newly arrived international students peer- to-peer extracurricular assistance. This assistance contributes to improve the residential /college life of international students, and it is implemented within a designated period of time under the guidance of an academic advisor and administrative staff in charge.

International students who meet the necessary requirements can also become supporters of other international students. Ask the administrative office of your school for further information.

Supporting Activity Proposal

Residential/Life Support

●Picking up the student at the airport/station

●Checking in at accommodations

●Providing help for house hunting and contract procedures

●Guiding to shopping plazas and helping with buying essential items

●Assisting legal procedures (notification of place of residence/ National Health Insurance, etc.)

●Opening a bank/postal bank account

●Helping with contract procedures for utilities (electricity, gas, water) and/or cellphones

●Any other residential/life related activities international students can't do by themselves and other support determined by administrative staff.

College life Support

●Registration support

●Tuition waiver/apply for scholarships

●Campus/facilities guide (libraries, administrative offices, etc.)

●Confirmation the schedule immediately after arrival and accompanying/ taking international students to university organized orientation meetings.

☛For more details, please refer to our "Supporter Handbook" (English versionChinese version)!

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