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By taking certain subjects at schools or faculties and graduating, you can acquire the following certificate or qualification or qualification for the examination. (Depending on the periods of work experience, you can get some of the qualification or take the main qualification examination without the preliminary tests)
As for the available certificate and qualification at each schools, please check the website of each school or contact to the following inquiries.

Inquiries: Student Support Group at each schools

Acquisition of the first-class teacher's certificate (Usage of teacher's certificate portfolio)

With the partial revision of "Ordinance for Enforcement of the Education Personnel Certification Act), "Practical work of education" ( a last half course for seniors) has been newly established as a compulsory subject based on the certification act, which is applied for freshmen and women in 2009.
To take this class, you need to make a preparation for that. If you have even a little interest in the acquisition of the first-class teacher's certificate, please make sure to check the following website to know when and what to do.
As for the uses of the website, there are some information in "My Momiji" or you can get the information at orientation meetings on teacher's certificate. Please be sure to check them.

The website on the teacher's certificate portfolio and practical work of education. (Only on campus)

--Teacher's certificate portfolio--
■Office for teacher's certificate portfolio (Education Office)
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Student Support Group at each schools