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International Student Organizations


Outline: It consists of representative of International student groups as well as all other International students in Hiroshima University. The objective of the Association is to be the bridge between International and Japanese student, also to support International student during their study in Hiroshima University.

We share information each international student groups in the regular meeting. And we hold events to deepen exchange between international and Japanese students.

Members: Country Representatives, and all international students.

The Hiroshima University-Korea Student Association

Outline: It is a group of the Korean students in Hiroshima University. We gather together to conduct various activities.

Number of Membership: Around 70 members

The Hiroshima University-China Student Friendship Meeting

Outline: Chinese students get together and do various activities

Number of Membership: More than 700 members (as of 2017)

Taiwanese Students Association of Hiroshima University

Outline: Gathering of Taiwanese students in Hiroshima University.

Number of Membership: Around 15 members

Hiroshima Arab Community

Outline: A group for all Arab community already resides in Hiroshima city

Egyptian Student Association in Japan (Esaj)

Outline: It is a group including all Egyptian students in all Japanese universities

Number of Membership: More than 300 members all over Japan while there are around 30 members in Hiroshima.

Hiroshima University African Students Association(HUASA)

Outline: The association comprises of African students of Hiroshima University (HU), including former HU students
and family members of African HU students

Number of Membership: 90 members (As of July, 2020)

Cambodian Students Association in Hiroshima

Outline: It is a group including all Cambodian students and their family members, promoting Cambodian culture.

Number of Membership: 22 members

Indonesian Students Association(PPI) in Hiroshima

Outline: It is a group to organize and support Indonesian students in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Number of Membership: Around 140 members

Hiroshima ASEAN Student Association (HASA)

Outline: It is a group of ASEAN students studying at Hiroshima University and Hiroshima Prefecture. The Association aims to promote ASEAN culture and interact with Japanese in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Number of Membership: Around 150 members

Philippine-Hiroshima University Student Organization (PHUSO)

Outline: Organization of Filipino students, faculty, and researchers in Hiroshima University.

Number of Membership: 28 members


Thai Society in Hiroshima

Outline: The society facilitates the communication channel for Thai students and academia in Hiroshima prefecture.They have monthly meeting, also sell and demonstrate Thai foods.


Membership Registration Form(Thai Society in Hiroshima)

If you want to organize a new international student association other than the country/region listed above, please come to consult International Student Exchange Group (in Student Plaza 3F), after filling out the form, "Registration/Modification form of International Student Organizations."

Registration procedure is as follows:

1. Submit "Registration/Modification form of International Student Organization" to International Exchange Group (Student Plaza 3F), Hiroshima University.

2. Please note that only information given permission, which is written in the registration form, will be published on "Momiji," web-site of Hiroshima University.

3. If there is any change in the registered information, please let International Exchange Group know by submitting "Modification form of International Student Organization.

Download: Registration/Modification form of International Student Organization.pdf

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latest update: October 11, 2023