Academic Support

Course registration period: 2nd(Fall) semester

Course registration period for the 2nd(Fall) semester of the academic year of 2022 will begin on September 24(Sat).
Please read the following instructions carefully and complete your course registration via "My Momiji".

[Course registration period]

Complete course registration for all subjects you wish to study (subjects for the 3rd and 4th terms, subjects for the 2nd(Fall) semester, and intensive subjects).

■Liberal arts education program

Course registration period: Sep. 24(Sat) 0:00 - Sep. 28(Wed) 23:59
Adjustment period: Sep. 29(Thu) 0:00 - Sep. 29(Thu) 23:59
Registration confirmation / revision period: Sep. 30(Fri) 0:00 - Oct. 7(Fri) 23:59

■Common graduate courses
Course registration period: Sep. 24(Sat) 0:00 - Oct. 4(Tue) 23:59

Adjustment period: Oct. 5(Wed) 0:00 - Oct. 5(Wed) 23:59
Registration confirmation / revision period: Oct. 6(Thu) 0:00 - Oct. 7(Fri) 23:59

■Specialized education program
■Graduate program (Except Common graduate courses)
Course registration period: Sep. 24(Sat) 0:00 - Oct. 7(Fri) 23:59

* As for the subjects beginning from the 4th term, please complete the registration by the deadlines stated above.
* In the case where the number of applicants exceeds the course capacity of liberal arts education subjects / common graduate courses, a drawing will be held during the adjustment period. Please confirm the results of the drawing on or after the day after.
* As for subjects other than liberal arts education subjects / common graduate courses, you are able to register for them even during the adjustment period.

[Only subjects beginning from the 4th term]

It is enable to modify the registration for the subjects beginning from 4th term during the following period. Please register(or delete) for the subjects depending on your needs.

■All programs
Registration confirmation / revision period: Nov. 30 (Wed) 0:00 - Dec. 7 (Wed) 23:59

* You cannot modify the subjects beginning from 3rd term(including 2nd(Fall) semester subjects).

[How to complete course registration]
1. Decide which subjects to take by using handbooks for students (学生便覧), class schedules, and course syllabus as references.

2. Take note of details of the subjects you wish to take (subject name, days/periods, instructor, lecture code, etc.)

Complete your registration
1. Log on to "My Momiji" and select "Course Information">"Introduction to Registering/Checking Courses" from the menu tab.

2. At the "Introduction to Registering/Checking Courses" pageregister for your desired courses keeping in mind the notes you have taken beforehand.
◎An error check will be commenced during registration. Registration will not be completed if or when an error occurs.
◎You can revise your registration as many times as you want during the course of the pre-registration period, course registration period, and confirmation/revision period.
◎If you cannot register or change the courses via "Momiji", please consult the student support office of each school/graduate school.

3. After you have completed your registration, please re-check and see that the subjects have been successfully registered.
◎If the subjects were not registered because you failed to reconfirm, credits will not be granted even if you sit in for the final examinations.

# Regarding registration for liberal arts education courses, please click here.

Registration Confirmation / Revision (AdditionCancellation)
Check that all the subjects you have chosen are successfully registered.

2. You can add or cancel subjects if you choose to do so.

After the Registration Confirmation/Revision Period
Registrations and cancellations are no longer accepted. But you can check the subjects that you have registered.

[Other important points]
◎Some schools and graduate schools may have special instructions on course registration, please follow the instructions given.
◎In order to use "Momiji", you must obtain a "Hirodai Password". If you lose the Hirodai Password, make sure to follow the procedures to change your password at the designated counter in your affiliated school or graduate school (make sure to bring your student ID card).