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TOEIC(R)L&R IP Information

This page provides information about TOEIC(R) L&R IP test for AY2022.

【What's new】

・ 16th December, 2022: Update detail about AY2022 2nd test in December.

・ 25th November, 2022:Published detail about AY2022 2nd test in December.

・ 22nd September, 2022:Published about AY2022 2nd test in December.


1.TOEIC(R) L&R IP test in 2022 academic year

【Important】 Announcement about the TOEIC(R) L&R IP test

*Test takers should read the information page carefully.

<The 2nd Test>(Online test)

【Test Period】Monday, December 12th, 2022 ~ Sunday, December 18th,2022
*The test needs to be completed the during the test period.

*Saturday, December 17th and Sunday, December 18th, the online test will also be conducted with proctoring at the designated room.(※1)

【Eligible students】:undergraduate and graduate students

*Except the students takes "Communicaton Seminar II[1医医,1歯歯,1薬]"

[Mandatory test takers] 

-Undergraduate students enrolled in AY2020 (the third school year) and belonging to the following schools: School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, School of Letters, School of Education, School of Law, School of Economics, School of Science (Mathematics, Physics, Biological Sciences, Earth and Planetary Systems Science), School of Medicine (Program of Health Sciences Division of Occupational Therapy, Division of Physical Therapy), School of Dentistry, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Program of Medicinal Sciences), School of Applied Biological Science, School of Informatics and Data Science

[Voluntary test]

■Targeted students:All FULL-TIME undergraduate and graduate students except for the mandatory test takers

* Note that registration is needed via My Momiji between October 21st and October 30th.[Done]

(※1)online test conducted with proctoring at the designated room
If you take this test at the room with proctoring, you can apply for the credit recognition of the foreign language subject (English). This test requires registration. The registration will be informed via My Momiji from 10/21 to 10/30.[Done]

【Attention】*Necessary paperwork for absence on free TOEIC® L&R IP TEST

【Test place】Place with stable internet connection for the online test.

【Other notes】

・No supplementary test will be held.

・If you take this test, please check below contents.

For more details, click here.

◆Online test takers

【 About TOEIC(R) L&R IP Test 】(Update 12/16)

【 Reference1:Hand out test guidalines 】(Update 12/16)

【 Reference2:the way of check your testresult 】(Update 12/16)

【 Reference3:Q&A 】

【 Reference4:How to instole app on iPad】

<the way of Update Google Chrome>

<the way of Update microsoft Edge>

<the way of Clear cache and Cookies_Google Chrome>

<the way of Clear cache and cookies_ Microsoft Edge>

・No supplementary test will be held.

◆Online test with proctoring takers

【 About the online test will be held with proctoring at the designated room on 12/17 and 12/18.】(Update 12/16)

【Refference 5:Hand out test guidelines(with proctoring ver.)】(New 12/16)

【Room assignments】


2.Purpose of the university-wide TOEIC(R) L&R IP test

Hiroshima University (HU) is working on nurturing human resources applicable to the globalization. As a part of the projects, the university conducts TOEIC(R) L&R IP tests for all grades, and all undergraduate students should take the tests. Students shall take the tests twice (for students enrolled in 2014 academic year and after ), in May of the first year and after the third year ( the specific date is different for each department). Students would check their English ability from the score soon after the entrance of the university when they start studying English at HU and the score at the time of the graduation. The scoring is useful not only for the university to enhance the English education but also for the students. Please make full use of this opportunity. The reasons of its usefulness for students are:
○To be able to know own ability through the generally used score
○To be able to use the score which are socially accepted for personal promotion at the time of job hunting or proceeding to
the next stage of education.
○To be able to get English credits of liberal arts education courses by getting the designated score(click here for details)。


3.Teaching materials for self-learning

 Here are the materials/education services provided by the Institute for Foreign Language Research and Education. Please use
them for your self-learning or continuous study of languages by accessing the Center HP

ALC NetAcademy NEXT (Online study materials for improving comprehensive English skills and training materials for TOEIC L&R test)

Hiroshima University's English Podcast  (*Getting ready)

(Podcast for English studying (daily topics) made by educational staff of the Institute for Foreign Language Research and Education.)

English News Weekly  (*Getting ready)

(Podcast for English studying (news topics) made by educational staff of the Institute for Foreign Language Research and