International Student Support

If you have lost your residence card

1. Go to the nearest Police Station (Koban) and submit a "Lost Property Report".
 Please make a note of the "Receipt Number".

2. Go to the Hiroshima Immigration Bureau to re-apply for a residence card.
 (Please submit your application within 14 days from the date you found out you have lost your residence card.)

Required documents:
Applicaion for Re-Issuance of a Residence Card
 (Paste a new photo of you taken within the past 6 months (30mm X 40mm).)

●Documents to prove that you have lost your residence card
 (e.g. your lost property receipt number obtaind from the police.)
 (If you cannot obtain the lost property receipt number from the police, please submit a written statement about the reason you were unable to obtain a receipt number as well as the circumstance of how you lost your residence card.)


3. A new residence card will be issued on the same day. Be sure to inform the student support office that you have received a new residence card.

Please refer to the following website for more details.