International Student Support

Japanese National Pension System


All registered residents in Japan aged 20 to 59 years are required by law to join the National Pension System. The pension benefits will be paid to the insured persons in the following cases.


1. Old-age Basic Pension: Individuals who have been a member of the pension plan for 10 years or

             more will start receiving pension paymens at the age of 65 years with the

             aim of social security for the elderly.  

2. Disability Basic Pension: The benefit is paid when an insured person has a certain level of disability

             caused by disease or injury.

3. Survivors' Basic Pension: The benefit is paid to the insured person's family members if an insured

             person dies while contributing to the payment.


After entering Japan, please register for the National Pension System in conjunction with other procedures at the city office, such as residence registration, National Health Insurance.

The contribution amount for National Pension is 16,590 yen/month (FY 2022).


【Payment exemption/postponement】 

★If you are a student or your income is less than a certain amount,

you can apply for payment exemption or postponement.


"Special Payment System for Students": for regular course students

                      (Student ID: D, M, B, S, P)


"Contribution Payment Exemption System": for non-regular course students

                        (Student ID: G, C, K, R, V)


Many international students use these systems for deferment or exemption.

(We recommend that you apply for this at the same time as when you register at the city office.)

After joining the National Pension System, you will receive a "Pension Handbook".

Please keep it safe.


For detailed information on the National Pension System (Japan Pension Service)