International Student Support

Special Payment System for Students of National Pension System

Those living in Japan from the age of 20 to 59 must join the National Pension System, you will be covered by 3 forms of pension:

1. Old-age Basic Pension (If you enroll for more than 10 years, you can collect your funds beginning at age 65)

2. Disability Basic Pension (Should you become injured or sick while under the National Pension System, you will be provided financial assistance during your time of disability: amount is approximately 779,000 to 974,000 yen)

3. Survivors' Basic Pension (Should one pass away while covered by the National Pension System, the support will be given to the "spouse who takes care of child(ren)" or "child(ren)," who continue to live on. The basic sum is approximately 779,000 yen + ~224,000 per child.)

The contribution amount for the National Pension is 16,490 yen per month (as of 2017). However, as it is difficult for students over 20 with limited incomes to pay insurance premiums, they can take advantage of the Special Payment System for Students ("Gakusei Nouhu Tokurei Seido").

Students who apply for this system will have their payments deferred. During this period, students will be covered for Disability Basic Pension and Survivors' Basic Pension without their premiums being defaulted.

You must apply for the "Special Payment System for Students" every year.

☆ "Special Payment System for Students" : For Regular Course Students

(Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students)

☆ "Exemption for the Contributions" : For Non-Degree Course Students

(Reserch Students, Special Auditing Students)

Where to Apply/Inquiries: National Pension System Service Counter at your local Municipal Office