International Student Support

When moving out

Please refer to the following when moving house.


Contacting the landlord/real estate agent 

It is necessary to inform your landlord or real estate agent that you will be moving out at least one month in advance. If you fail to inform them in time, you may be charged a penalty. Therefore, please read the rental agreement beforehand to make sure you understand the rules for moving.


Contacting the electricity supplier to stop/start electricity at the old/new residence 

The process will go smoothly if you know your electricity contract number. It is printed on the electric bill "Notification of Amount of Electricity Used".


 Webpage: Applying to terminate or begin electricity use

       (The application page is available only in Japanese.)


*If you move abroad after completion of school etc., be sure to check the forms of the last bill payment. If you will close the bank account used for bill payment before paying the last bill, please ask a friend or someone else to settle the bill for you and make sure to inform the electric company to send the bill to said person.


Contacting the Waterworks Bureau to stop/start service

 Tel: 082-423-6333

 Webpage: Formalities for terminating water supply


*To start to use the water service, please fill out the application form postcard at your new residence and mail it to the Waterworks Bureau. You can also apply online.

You cannot apply for this service over the phone.


Contacting the gas supplier

Gas suppliers differ depending on the apartment. Please contact the supplier to turn the gass on or off.


Cleaning rooms before moving out

In principle, rooms must be returned to their original condition when moving out.Discard all of your personal items such as comforter, dishware, bicycle and bike, etc. responsibly.


★Disposing garbage

For information on garbage that cannot be disposed with normal garbage collection (except for air conditioner, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, PC) ,

please see:

 Higashi-Hiroshima city: How to dispose of Household garbage (See page 2)

 Hiroshima city: Household waste disposal guidelines (See page 5-7)


Important! Garbage that cannot be disposed of by municipal garbage colletion

Air conditioner, TV, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, dryer. You must contact an electronic store to arrange for your items to be collected. (paid service).

Computers: Make a request to the manufacturer or PC3R Promotion Association for collection.


Posting a "Change of Address Notice"

Please fill out the form of "Change of Address Notice" available at the post office and mail it as early as possible so that you can receive your postal items at your new address.

 Post office: Relocation/forwarding service


Procedures at the city/ward office

Things to bring: Passport, residence card, My Number notification card (and My Number card with your photo if you have one)

(If you move to another city within Japan, please bring your National Health Insurance Card too.)

  Moving to another city: File a moving out notice at the city or ward office before moving out

              from your old residence. After moving to a new place, you need to

              register your new address within 14 days of moving in at your new

              city or ward office.

  Moving within the same area: You need to notify the city or ward office of your change of

                  address within 14 days of moving in.


Procedure at the university

Be sure to inform the student support office of your new address.



Please take necessary procedures such as changing your address at the bank, postal bank,

cellphone company, credit card company, and internet service provider, etc.

If you give away your bicycle to another person, you need to cancel your bicycle registration

and transfer the ownership at a police station.


○ Please refer to this link if you move back home.