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The 'My Number' system


The 'My Number' system


'My Number' is a personal identification number issued to all individuals who complete the formalities for residence registration in Japan. This number is mainly used in the fields of taxation, welfare services and disaster countermeasures.


After registering as a citizen in Japan, a 'Notification Card' with your personal identification number will be sent to you by post, it will take around one month to arrive.

It is necessary to keep it in a safe place as it includes personal information.

You may apply for a 'My Number' card with photo identification if you wish.




*Precautions concerning the creation of a 'My Number' card


The validity period is only stated on 'My Number' cards with photo identification.

The validity period for mid to long-term residents, such as those with 'student' status, is the same as the validity period stated on their residence card.

Therefore, if an individual extends their residence period, they are also required to go to the city hall to update their 'My Number' card.

If the update procedure of the 'My Number' card is taken after its validity has expired, a processing fee will be charged.

We recommend completing the update procedure promptly before the 'My Number' card expires, after renewal of the residence card.



[Easy-to-follow instructions] 

About the My Number system (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications):

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