Liberal Arts Education

Various procedure method

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◆Submitting of report of non-attendance

 When someone is (Was) absent from the class of the liberal arts education by sickness or other unavoidable reasons for two weeks or more (*), please lease affix the document (medical certificate etc.) that objectively proves the absence reason to "Report of non-attendance", and submit it to the student support charge of the belonging faculty. The effect which it is (Was) absent is notified to the class charge teacher based on the content of the submitted report of non-attendance. (Please note that it is not necessarily to give consideration to absence)

Report of Non-attendance, List of Non-attendance Subjects pdf

※ Please download from the above-mentioned linked Websites or receive "Report of non-attendance" in the Student Support Charge of the belonging faculty or the Liberal Arts Education Headquarters Support Group (the first floor in the Faculty of Integrated Art and Science work building). ※When the absence period is less than two weeks, it is not necessary to submit the report of non-attendance. Please offer the message to be absent from the class directly to each class charge teacher.

◆Makeup examination application

 Please refer to here for the makeup examination.

◆Application for credit recognition by foreign language skill certificate examination etc.

 When someone obtained a prescribed class title or scoresat the practical English skill certificate examination (STEP) and TOEIC(R) and TOEFL(R), and applied for the credit recognition of the foreign language subject (English), as a rule, please attach the original of the recognition certificate or the score certificate to "credit recognition application by the foreign language skill certificate examination etc.", and apply to the Student Support Charge of the belonging facultybefore the final day of registration procedure period of each semester.

※Please receive the "Credit Recognition Application by the Foreign Language Skill Certificate Examination etc." from the Student Support Charge of the belonging faculty.