Liberal Arts Education

Designated Class Period

※This page is reference information translated from Japanese,
Japanese page takes precedence if there is any discrepancies in the content.

As for required subjects, required elective subjects and some recommended subjects, specified in the Graduation Requirements, etc. of each School, Department/ Cluster, Course, Major, or Program(hreinafter "each School etc."), follow the instructions given by your shoool. These subjects should be taken on the designated day on the week and period.

For a class-designated subject taught by multiple instructors, confirm the name of the instructor in charge by reffering to the Specific Course Information of Liberal Arts Education Program on the Registering/Checking Courses section of My MOMIJI.

【Procedure method of Designated Class】

(1)Classes which have been taken, or there`s [Registration finished] are shown on the remarks column, procedures are not required. However, students can't use [My Momiji] to cancel registrations. If there are such occasions such as credit recognition, which registration of the class is not required, please apply to the student support office in the faculty of Liberal Arts Education. Furthermore, please apply to the professors of the class in which you want to cancel your registration.

(2)If there are such occasions as designated class information of Liberal Arts Education Courses shows in the [My Momiji]-[Registration] reference screen, or there's [Need Procedures] shows on remarks column, please take the procedures as below.
・For Experiments attending for the first class is required. *Except for "Experimental Methods and Laboratory Work in Science A". For more detail, see the Notice List.
・For classes expect Experiments, please register by [My Momiji].

※Not all the classes on "Specified class timetable" are compulsory classes. Please check [Course criteria table] of the faculty you belong to when register plan was making.