Liberal Arts Education

Notice list

[For notices about 2nd (fall) semester of AY 2023]

The information posted here is for the fall semester of AY2023

* Please note that the information on the bulletin board may not be the latest information due to the website updating.

* Posted materials will be released as needed. Some posted materials will be revised and issued as new materials. Any additions and revisions will be notified on the Momiji bulletin board and in other ways.

1.Procedures of Registration For Liberal Arts Education Courses

2.About procedures for registeration of each subject

3.About Advanced Seminar

a. Registration procedure and subjects list of "Advanced Seminar"


4.Peace Science Courses

a. Notices About Registration of Peace Science Courses March,28th
b. Notice about Registration of Peace Science Courses【For Third-year transfer students】


5.Area Courses

a. Procedures of Area Course on Monday 【For 1st grade of undergraduate students】 March,28th
b. Notice of Area Courses 【For undergraduate students entrant before AY2017】 September, 5th

6. Foreign Language Courses (English)

a. Notes to Those Who Needs Credit Approval of "Communication I/II" That Related to "Communication Basis" September, 5th
b.Registration Procedure of "Communication basis" (Open-class) September, 5th
c. About Re-registration Procedure of "Communication II" (General Class) September, 5th

d. The List of Re-registration Procedure of General English Class "Communication II"

September, 5th
e. Registration Procedure of "Communication Seminar" (General-class) September, 7th
f. Registraion Procedure of "Online English Seminar II" September, 25th

7. Foreign Language Courses (For NON-English Foreign Languages)

a. Registration Procedure of Intensive Foreign Language 【For 1st-school-year of undergraduate students】 September, 5th
b. Re-registration Procedure of Non-English Foreign Language 【For over 2nd-school-year of undergraduate students】 September, 5th
c. Registration Procedure of Non-English Foreign Language 【For graduate students and International students】 September, 5th
d. Appended table (URL for application) September, 5th
e. About class and text of first lesson September, 5th

8. Information and Data Science Courses

a. First lesson of Intensive subjects of Information Data Science Courses September, 5th

9. Health and Sports Coures

a. Registration Procedures of Health and Sports Courses September, 7th
b. Registration Procedures of Health and Sports Courses【School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences】 September, 7th
c. The list of first lesson Guidance September, 29th
d. The Schedule of Health and Sports Courses (from next 2 week) September, 7th

10. Social Cooperation Courses

a. About "Collaborative Online International Seminar" March, 28th
b. About "Introduction to Overseas Dispatch and Study Abroad" September, 5th
c.Exercises to improve skills for international exchange A/B/C March, 28th
d.Entrepreneurship September, 5th
e. About "Practice of volunteer activities for supporting the students with special needs" September, 7th

11.Fundation Courses

a. About the Guidance of Experiment subjects September, 21st

12.Package-based Subjects

a. Registration of Package-based subjects for students who entrance before AY2017

September, 5th


a.Courses with schedule changed (at any time)

October, 6th

b. About the result of lottery

September, 28th

c. About Vacancy Situation of the Capacity of Health& Sports Subjects

September, 28th