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<Common assignment of Peace Science Courses>

[add information 9th, June, 2023]----------------------
According to the "Policy on Generative AI (including ChatGPT) in Education at Hiroshima University", use of generative AI is not prohibited for the report, "My Approach to Peace", in Peace Science Courses. Students must, however, keep in mind that the purpose of this report is to provide opportunities to students to deepen their thoughts on peace and the pursuit of it. 
Regarding the form of report, a section on the use of generative AI has been added, so students who will be taking Peace Science Courses in Term 2 or later must complete and submit the new form (*Not applicable to Peace Science Courses offered in the evening hours).
If you have already prepared your report using the old form, please prepare it again using the new form.

[Explanation of the assignment]

Submission of reports on peace is the necessary assignment for registration of peace science courses.

You are necessarily required to read the

"2023【common assignment for Peace Science Courses】 A Report, entitled "My Approach to Peace"

"Important Notes on Visiting Monument/Facility"

"List of website related to peace"

to write your report.

You have only around two weeks from the start of the class in June to the deadline of the report when you register the peace science courses at the 2nd term.

Therefore if you want to visit monuments, please visit there before the start of the course and finish the report.

The students of School of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmaceutical Sciences admitted in 2022 academic year are supposed to submit the report in 2023 academic year because the registration is made in the second year.

[The form of report]

Please download the form of report from the following

BXXXXXX.docx(The form of report 20230609new)

You have made it PDF to submit. Please look at the "the way of preserving Word file in PDF form" when necessary.

[The way from logging in the online study support system (Moodle) to submission]

After the registration of the peace science courses at each time, use the system by logging in from the following URL.

Until the end of registration period you cannot log in the peace science courses.

As for the details of the way of submission, please look at the "the way of report submission / confirmation".


[Guidance] Writing center

The process of reconstruction in Hiroshima (Japanese)

The process of reconstruction in Hiroshima (English)

If you have any questions, please inquire to the following.


Education Promotion Group (Liberal Arts Education Section) (1st floor of administration building, School of Integrated Arts and Science)