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About Package-based (theme) Common Materials

 Here, common material concerning the outline of each package-based subject is published. Please confirm each belonging material by clicking package (theme) name (FY2014 is published now).
 It should be noted that in the first package-based subject class, the explanation for the contents of the common document along with the following matters will be done.
 ・Outline of package-based subject and charge packages (theme)
 ・Location of charge subject in package

Mechanism of Society and Science (The First Package)pdf
Rethinking the Workings of Knowledge (The Second Package)pdf
Approach to Life and Human(The Third Package)pdf
Cultural Exchange and Diversity(The Fourth Package)pdf
Symbiosis with Environment and Nature(The Fifth Package)pdf

Educational Target and Attainment Target of Package-based Subject

【Educational Target】

 To realize the meanings and the extension of the truth of knowledge while organically relating two or more classes, and to understand the historical and contemporary challenges that the human race and society has.

【Attainment Target】

 It can explain the historical, modern problem (the status of society mechanism and science , the meanings of the working of knowledge, weight of life, various intercultural exchanges and confrontations, meaning of symbiosis with nature, etc.) that human race and society have from a diversified aspect.

Outline of Each Package-based Subject(Theme), Key words and Subject Name

 * Please refer to the syllabus of "My Momiji" when you want to know the content of an individual subject.

Theme Outline and Keywords Subject Name
Mechanism of Society and Science (The First Package) pdf

Being awarded of the "society" in the everyday life might not be that often. However, politics and economics around us, law or the system, education system, family, and social habits, is the various "social structure" which made ourselves us. They even impinge on each individual's way of thinking and trivial behavior. In addition, in modern society, with the development of various scientific research, industry and technology, social structure is closely related to workings of "science", and is making largely transformed of lifestyle of us. In order to deal with various problems, understand the way science works and social structure, as well as social science, a comprehensive view which also combined humanities with natural sciences is required.

Keywords:Society, social structure, Science, industry, Science technology, Civil life, Politics and economics, Institutions, Education, Family, Community, Customs, Mentality, Nation,etc.

Family, Regional Society, Industry Surrounding Civil Life
The Analysis of Regions
Education and Educational System
Disturbance of Rules in Civil Life
Mind and Society
The Modern Japan in view of Civil Life
History of Asian Society
The Modern Europe and Civil Society
Science and Society in the Nuclear Age
Automobile Industries and Japanese Economy
Industry and Technology
Science in Society
Civil Life and Physics
Environment and Chemistry

Syllabus(The second semester,FY2014)pdf
Syllabus(The first semester,FY2014)pdf

Rethinking the Workings of Knowledge
(The Second Package)pdf
Knowledge has various aspects. In various areas such as religion, philosophy, art and science, it is the human endeavor that is richly developed and unique. It is including thinking "knowledge" the thing itself over, and the historical origins and transformation, structure and mechanism of acquisition and formation, or asking about the creation and potential source of knowledge. In the modern society that knowledge is complicated intertwined, work such as "questioning the workings of knowledge" is especially important. And attractive. In this package, students can approach work from a wide variety of point of view, such as Logic and Cognition, Emotion, Education, Communication and Information, such as (processing) , Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Brain, Women and Contemporary History.

Keywords: Learning, Sensitivity, Education, Art, Communication, Computer, Thought, Religion, Information, History of women, Mathematics, Knowledge, Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Intuition (flash), Philosophy, Statistics, Human, Cognitive, Landscape, Literature, Civilization, Democracy Doctrine, and history, etc.

Philosophy of Communication
Education and human
Aesthetics and Sensibility Philosophy of the Human, History and Landscape
The world of mathematics
Intelligence and Computer
Oriental Thoughts
Statistical way of thinking
Cognition and Learning
Brain and intellectuality
Physics and Information
University and the Society
Fine Arts and Human Beings
Higher Education and Student
To think deeply "Feeling of ownership" and "Human being happiness"

Syllabus(The second semester,FY2014)pdf
Syllabus(The first semester,FY2014)pdf

Approach to Life and Human
(The Third Package)pdf
What is life? And among all the creatures, what is human being who has the special characteristic such as having a heart .In addition, how should we think about the value which indicated by the word of "life". For life and human, modern natural science has been gaining deep and extremely diverse knowledge. At the same time, way of respecting for human、life, or for the identity and way of understanding of ourselves. humanities and social sciences have found a variety of questions and developing various considerations. By accessing to the "life and human " like this, numerous problems that arise from it, is a comprehensive theme in modern society.Let us think about it again from a variety of views.

Keywords: Life, life, gene, brain, biology, human, body, life and death, heart, identity, existence, dignity, religion, values, health, and sports. etc .

Genomic World
An Inquiry into the Human Existence
Society and Human Being
Poverty and Social Policies
Human and Adaptation
Legal and Social Approaches Regarding Life and Death
Man and Health
Stress in the biological context
Humanity in the Bible
Adaptation Physiology
Human nature in view of Japanese literature
Brain and Behavior
Brain Science
Enzyme which support life

Syllabus(The second semester,FY2014)pdf
Syllabus(The first semester,FY2014)pdf

Cultural Exchange and Diversity
(The Fourth Package)pdf
In the world, various and multicultural cultures are developing. Through communications between people who carry different local cultures, and repeating of conflicts, today's world has been formed. In the modern society which globalism and globalization are advancing, understanding various cultures and mutually recognizing differences between each other, furthermore, relativizing own culture ,have became interesting researching issues and important problems. It is probably necessary to pay attention on economic interests and the historical background behind the culture, and nature and climate that fostered the culture. This package is focusing on the diversity of communications between "cultures" like this, from a comprehensive view of humanities ,society and nature.

Keywords: Cultural diversity, cross-cultural, cross-cultural understanding, cultural friction, conflict, modernization, Japan, internationalization, globalism, art, nature, culture, and resources in the Asia, etc.

Modern History of Asia
World of European Literature
Literature and Society of the English-speaking Countries
Rocks, Resources and Human Being
Natural Environments and Map
Law and the international community
Japanese Language and Culture in the Global Context
World of Chinese Literature
World of Islam and the Middle East
Japanese Culture and History
Comparative Research of Arts and Culture
Culture and Nature
World of Cultural Anthropology
Literature in Translation

Syllabus(The second semester,FY2014)pdf
Syllabus(Forth Package of first semester,FY2014)pdf

Symbiosis with Environment and Nature
(The Fifth Package)pdf
As far as we are living, the relationship with environment and nature .can not be ignored. Environmental considerations towards issues such as biodiversity and global warming, and familiar natural environment like country side forests and seas, are highly growing. "Environment and nature" is extremely diverse and multi-layered. If we take those and the relationship between us and environment into consideration, it will become much more complicated and various. In order to understand modern society which has also been called "Century of the environment", to think about "environment and nature " from a comprehensive view., not only nature science ,but also humanities, such as history, philosophy, social science as well, such as political and economic, and rethink about the "relationship-coexistence" with us are required. This is one of the most important and urgent problems for the modern society.

Keywords: Global environment, energy, material circulation, biological, human diversity, forest, microbial, climate, life, food production, science and technology, values, philosophy of nature, and civil environment, economy and politics, and the time scale over the environment and spatial scale

Real Earth and Its History
Mass cycle and global environment
Climate and Life
Man and Forests
Microbial World
Biological production and natural environment
Natural Disaster and Its Prevention
Nature and Religion
Art and Nature
Nature-views and environmental issues
Environmental Issues and Politics
Global economy and environmental rights
Economic Development and Environment (No class in 2014)
Relationship between Environment and Development of Natural Science

Syllabus(The second semester,FY2014)pdf
Syllabus(The first semester,FY2014)pdf