Liberal Arts Education

Foreign Languages (Japanese)

※This page is reference information translated from Japanese,
Japanese page takes precedence if there is any discrepancies in the content.

【For students of the Department of Integrated Global Studies and the Programs in English】

【Important】Students who are required to take Basic Japanese I-IV as part of your graduation requirements must complete the following procedures in order to enroll.

1.Students must take the Japanese Language Placement Test before the course registration period.
Class is decided by the results of the placement test.
For more information on taking the placement Test, please click here.

2.As for the first-year students, whose class will be decided by the Japanese Language Placement test and registered, so they not need to register for classes by oneself.
Students in the second school year and over must submit the "Course Registration Request Form" to the Education Promotion Group (in charge of Liberal Arts Education) during the course registration period after taking the placement test.