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Submission Procedures for Documents of Certification

※This page is reference information translated from Japanese,
Japanese page takes precedence if there is any discrepancies in the content.

Please inquire at the Student Support Group of the faculty you belong to (graduate school) for details concerning the notification report.





Academic Transcript

Verification of grades

Automatic certificate issuance machine

Receive at convenience stores by certificate issuance service. (Printing fee 60yen/1 copy)

Please inquire at the Student Support Group of the belonging faculty (graduate school) when issuing by official sealing is necessary.

School Certificate

Verification of active enrollment

Medical Examination Certificate

Verification of the result of the yearly compulsory medical examination at the Health Service Center is proven.

In some cases (such as in case of re-inspection or when issuing by official sealing is necessary) the certificate automatic issue machine cannot be used. In such cases, you may receive the certificate at the Health Service Center.

Expected Graduation (Completion) Certificate

It is requires as a document to be submitted during job hunting

If you did not fill in the desired plans section on "My Momiji" (the future plan & employment), the certificate cannot be issued using the automatic issue machine!
Please inquire at the Student Support Group of your faculty (graduate school) if you still cannot get the certificate using the automatic issue machine (though it meets the above-mentioned requirement).

Student Discount

A 20% fare discount for JR trains and buses (can be used when returning to hometown or at time of job hunting)

Automatic certificate issuance machine

Instructions and Directions for Use of the Certification of Student Discounts

Certificate of Attendance

Required when purchasing JR school commuter pass (buses, ships, etc.)

【First year students】
Integrated Art and Science
Student Support Office

【Non-first year students】
Student Support Office of your faculty(graduate school)

The commutation ticket can be bought by which only the student in a nighttime main course connects three points, the dwelling, the office and the university. (The proof of the workplace is necessary.)

Certificate of Enrollment

Verification of enrollment (active and passive)

Student Support Office of your faculty(graduate school)

Social Contribution Activity Certificate

Verification of social contribution activities (volunteer activity, etc.).

Student Support Office of your faculty(graduate school)

It is necessary to append the document that proves you attended social contribution activity and describes the content of the activity. Please ask for that first from the organizer of the activity.

*Some Documents of Certification can be issued at Hiroshima University Tokyo Office.

 Please check the website of the Tokyo Office (Japanese Page) for details.