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Instructions and Directions for Use of the Certification of Student Discounts

Instructions and Directions for Use of the Certification of Student Discounts


The certification of student discounts is issued for the purpose of lessening the economic burden of students and to contribute to the promotion of academic training. It is not intended to be used freely by each student. Please respect the rules and use it properly.


 When you use student discounts, please pay attention to the following regulations:


1) As a general rule student discounts can only be used for the purposes listed below:

・ Visiting home during vacation or on account of some business.

・ Traveling for the purpose of empiric tests, practical training or other curricular educational activities.

・ Traveling for the purpose of extra-curricular special educational activities permitted by the university.

・ Taking exams for finding employment or going on to higher education.

・ Taking part in events or inspections tours if they are regarded as necessary by the university.

・ Medical treatment required to continue studying.

・ Accompanying parents.


2) A student discount can be used for JR normal railway tickets in case of one-way distances 101km and over.


3) The number of student discount tickets issued by the automatic certificate issuing machine is limited to 20 per year (up to 4 in a day), please consult with the person in charge at the Student Services Group (Student Plaza, 3F) if you wish to issue more than 20 tickets.

*Student discounts are valid for the student only. For proof of identity, please carry your student identification card with you.



In Case of Abuse


Note that the actions mentioned below are regarded as abuse. Abuse of student discounts is a crime and unacceptable under any circumstances. In the event of abuse, not only will you personally be charged a heavy fine, you will also be punished by the university according to the “Guideline of Students Discipline.” Furthermore, if the university itself is punished by a suspension of its ability to issue certifications, the university as a whole will be unable to use the discounts any more. So please, absolutely do not abuse the student discounts.


1) Buying a ticket with another person’s certification of student discount, or one that is expired.


2) Transferring or selling tickets purchased with a certification of student discount.


3) Using student discount tickets without possessing a student discount certificate.


4) Other abuses of the student certificate of discount.


Issuance of Certification of Student Discounts in cases of Transfer between Faculties


If you transfer from your old faculty to a new one, your Certification of Student Discounts issued before the transfer will become unusable. Please consult with the person in charge of the Certification of Student Discounts (082-424-6163) to have a new certification issued.