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Certificate Issuance Service at Convenience Stores (for current students)

From 18 March, You can apply for the certificate issued by the automatic certificate issuance machine (excluding JR student discount) online 24 hours a day (*1) and receive them at convenience stores (Lawson, Family Mart and Seven Eleven) nationwide. (limited to Japan only)

*1 Excludes (machine) maintenance hours/periods in which the University suspends operations.

In case of applying certificates by the end of Month you graduate, an issuance fee is not required, so be sure to use the site for "current students".

Due to the system maintenance, you cannnot use the service during the following period. 
Period: May 27, 1:30 a.m. - 3:00 a.m.

◆Application Method

Apply online using a PC or smartphone. Please access the application site by clicking the button below.

◆Available Convenience Stores

Convenience stores that can be issued are domestic 7-Eleven, Family Mart and Lawson where multi-copy machines are installed.
・7-Eleven*: FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corporation's muilti-copy machine is compatible with the "netprint". Click here for more information.
・Family Mart and Lawson: Sharp Marketing Japan Corporation's muilti-copy machine is compatible with the "Network Printing Service". Click here for more information.

◆Certificates Issued at Convenience Stores / Users

Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student, Advanced Course Student

[Japanese / English] Certificate of Enrollment (by the day before graduation), Certificate of Academic Record, Certificate of Expected Graduation (by the day before graduation), Health certificates (Japanese only), Certificate of Graduation (from the date of graduation to the end of Month you graduate)

*Click here for notice about c

●When receiving certificates at convenience stores, only a printing fee is required. (60yen /1per copy)
●Please note that the convenience store has a, "printing deadline" (7 days after applying, until midnight of the 8th day).
●Certificates issued at convenience stores will be forge-proof. A copied version of the certificate will not be valid for use.
●If you receive a certificate issued by the convenience store, you can use POPITA technology to check the authenticity of the certificate. Click here for more details.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan does not accept certificates issued by convenience stores. If you need to submit it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please issue by Automatic Certificate Issuance Machine Services.
●Certificate of Academic Records (English) does not include a degree and thesis title, even if the date of graduation has come.
●If you need to write the name in English certificate in lowercase letters, please come to Support Office which you belong to.

◆Online Application Page

* The following browsers cannot be used.
IE10 or lower, Safari 6.0.4 or lower, Android 4.3 or lower, iOS 5.0.1 or lower, feature phones in general
*Current students cannot apply to receive your certificates "by mail" through the online application.

Login page for current students

Login manual for current students.pdf


◎ Payment Methods and System Operations

Certificate Issuing Service
(Available 24 Hours)

◎ About Certificates

Each Support Office (8: 30-17: 15 except Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and long vacations)