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NOIE(Network of International Exchange)





We decided to cancel the following international exchange events for the time being based on
 "Policy regarding events hosted by Hiroshima University".

 ・International Luncheon
 ・International Night
 ・NARUHODO!Cross-Cultual Discussion
 ・Other seasonal events (HANAMI events etc.)

It's not clear when we are able to restart those events, but we will notify you of when we can resume
the events through MOMIJI.



NOIE(Network of International Exchange)


This is a program that consists of International and Japanese students, who are interested in international exchange and volunteer-work. They take part in international exchange activities in schools and local communities as paid or unpaid volunteers.
'NOIE` is an acronym for 'Network of International Exchange' and is pronounced-Neue-, which means "new" in German. We hope all you will be try something new and overcome the nationality and community barrier though NOIE.

 *We ask for participants/volunteers every April and October via MOMIJI.

 Sign up for NOIE here!




Receive information about international exchange activities, volunteer work etc. from Global Initiatives Group, and take part in all kinds of activities. Activities organized by Global Initiatives Group may include:
・Requests from the community (Studying International Understanding in the Classroom): Cooperation of international exchange activities within the community-elementary school, junior high school, city etc. This requires a participation orientation meeting, where you join these activities.
・International exchange activities at the university: Support activities organized by Global Initiatives Group
・Other types of cooperation or participation in part-time jobs about international exchange
・(for Japanese students) Support for international students: Resident life and university life support



Interviews from junior high-school students


Exchange with Japanese students and international students who are learning Japanese


Having lunch at an international luncheon party


Learn about how to use Furoshiki with Japanese students

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Latest update: April 15, 2020