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International Luncheon





We decided to cancel the following international exchange events for the time being based on
 "Policy regarding events hosted by Hiroshima University".

 ・International Luncheon
 ・International Night
 ・NARUHODO!Cross-Cultual Discussion
 ・Other seasonal events (HANAMI events etc.)

It's not clear when we are able to restart those events, but we will notify you of when we can resume
the events through MOMIJI.



International students and Japanese students share their daily lives to improve mutual understanding of different cultures at "International Luncheon".

【Higashihiroshima Campus】
Date & Time:Every Thursday 12:10~12:40(Next one is uncertain because of the outbreak regarding coronavirus.)
Term :
Place:Student Plaza 1F, east side
Conditions:Bring your own lunch. Application is NOT needed.
Organizer: International Exchange Group of Hiroshima University

International Luncheon Poster (2019).pdf

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Latest update: April 15, 2020