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Introduction of the "Quarter System" (a 4-term system)

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 This page shows/shares the information on the introduction of "Quarter system (a 4-term system)"
 We will keep you updated on the course registration procedureas well as the result announcement periods related to the introduction of "Quarter system (a 4-term system)".

Purpose of the "Quarter System"

 To improve the quality of education by promoting students' independent learning experiences, such as studying abroad, volunteer work, and attending intensive courses in a short period, Hiroshima University starts the "Quarter System" (a 4-term system) in 2015.

Major Features of the "Quarter System"

(1)The School Year Calendar (class schedule)

 Along with the introduction of the "Quarter System" in 2015, there will be four terms. The present class periods of the first semester and the second semester will each be divided into two terms.

(2)Classification of Courses
Under the quarter system, courses will be offered based on the following classification.

Term Courses:Course that is completed in 8 weeks in each term
Semester Courses:Course that will be offered on a semester basis, 1 period per week, and completed in 16 weeks

(3)Course Registration
Course registration will be processed online via [My MOMIJI].
More detailed information, including the registration period and important points, will be available on the following page.
    - Academic Support
        - Course registration period for the Spring semester of the academic year of XXXX

(4)The Time for Receiving
Course Grades Course grades will be issued two times a year: September and March.

Class The Time for Receiving Grades
The First Semester
The 1st Term
The 2nd Term
Intensive Courses
At the beginning of September
The Second Semester
The 3rd Term
The 4th Term
Intensive Courses
At the beginning of March

Q&A on the introduction of "Quarter system" (a 4-term system)

Q1. How often will classes meet in the "Quarter System" (a 4-term system)?
A1. Instead of meeting once per week (as is done in the semester system), classes will meet twice per week. Term courses will finish in 8 weeks, including the final examination.

Q2. On which days of the week will classes meet?
A2. Basically, classes will meet on one of the following two pairs of days: Monday and Thursday, OR Tuesday and Friday. Also, there will be Wednesday courses, which will meet for two consecutive class periods.

Q3. Will there still be semester courses?
A3. Even with the official introduction of the system in 2016, some courses will be offered on a semester basis. The reason for this is that some courses are better conducted in a semester system.

Q4. How long is each class period?
A4. Each class will last 90 minutes, just like in the present system.

Q5. When are final exams?
A5. Final exams will be given in the 16th class of each course.
   Please check the MOMIJI Exam Information Site concerning the exam schedule, or ask the teacher of the course.

Q6.Do times for tuition payments change in the new system?
A6. Tuition payment periods will remain the same. Students will pay tuition per half year as before.