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Program registration process

※This page is reference information translated from Japanese, Japanese page takes precedence if there is any discrepancies in the content.

There's information about Registration of [Minor Programs] and [Specific Programs].

1.Method of Registration

The Registration of [Minor programs ] and [Specific Programs] could be done in [My Momiji].
The consequence of the registration's examination will be noticed in the [My Momiji] at the end of March.

2.Registration period

Early February to early January every year

※ More information will be notified in [My Momiji] in early January every year.
※ Some specific programs have different term of registration from others.For details please look at specific program pages on HiPROSPECTS(R) website.


Manuals of the [Minor programs ] and [Specific Programs] are published as following page, please check it before registration.
About [Minor programs ](Japanese Page)
About [Specific Programs](Japanese Page)

4.Points for attention

 ・Registration may not be accepted due to circumstances of programs.
 ・The classes might have been changed. Therefore, please check the table for updates to see if your classes have changed or if they will remain the same classes.
 ・There's some classes from the [Specific Program] that are not included in the second year courses. For students belonging to these programs (IDEC, Obtaining Teacher-librarian qualification, Professional food clinical experience specific program), please register for the second semester of the second years classes.
 ・In principle, after registering your (specific) minor program, please take classes that belong to that program.
 ・For the registration for your (specific) minor, if you want to transform the credits you already have before admission , please apply to the student support office of the faculty or graduate school as soon as possible after registering for the program. The procedures due on June 30th.
 ・If you have any questions , please contact the Student Support Office of the faculty or graduate school .