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On-demand classes for Common Graduate Courses (Master's Course, Professional Degree Course)

Special cases related to course registration of Common Graduate Courses (Master's Course, Professional Degree Course)>

On-demand classes will apply to students without easy commuting access to regular classrooms in order to provide an opportunity for them to take these classes.

◆Rules (requirements and submission method, etc.)

◆Statement of Reasons for Course Registration(Format)

◆Application Period

1st Semester:2023 April 4 (Tue) to April 14 (Fri), June 7 (Wed) to June 14 (Wed)
2nd Semester:To be posted later.

◆Target subjects(AY2023)

Master's Course, Professional Degree Course
8E000191 Academic approach to SDGs - A[On-Demand]
8E500391 Career Management - Theory & Career Development[On-Demand]
8E000291 Academic approach to SDGs - B[On-Demand]
8E000491 Japanese Experience of Human Development-Culture,Education, and Health[On-Demand]
8E000691 World Peace and HIROSHIMA[On-Demand]

※There are also other subjects offered on demand and online.For more information, please refer to "Course registration procedures for Common Graduate Courses AY2023".