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On-demand Classes in Common Graduate Courses (Doctoral Course)

Registration for on-demand classes in Common Graduate Courses (Doctoral Course)>

On-demand classes are offered to students who have difficulty attending school during regular hours to ensure opportunities for them to take the courses.
All students are eligible to take these classes, but there is a limited number of places. Priority will be given to those who submitted the priority registration request form and stated that they are unable to take the course during regular hours. Remaining places will be allocated to other studets by computerized random selection.

◆Rules (requirements and submission method, etc.)

◆Request Form

◆Application Period

1st Semester:April 4 (Thu.) to April 8 (Mon.) 2024
2nd Semester:To be updated

◆On-demand courses (AY2024)

Doctoral Course
8E050391 Seeking Universal Peace[On-Demand]
8E050392 Seeking Universal Peace (Multidisciplinary-omnibus)[On-Demand]
8E050491 Atomic Bomb Literature, War Literature and Peace -Based on Experience of Atomic Bomb Survivors and Concentration Camps' Prisoners[On-Demand]
8E551002 Career Mangement Seminar[On-Demand]
8E550991 Introduction to Business Creation[On-Demand]
8E550451 Utilization of Data Literacy in Medicine[On-Demand]

Some other courses are also offered on-demand and online. For more information, please refer to "Course registration procedures for Common Graduate Courses AY2024".