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Student handbook (Apply to the entrants of FY2012)

※This page is reference information translated from Japanese,
Japanese page takes precedence if there is any discrepancies in the content.





    ◆ Common


   ◇ About liberal arts education (pdf 4.4MB)


   ◇ Attainment target type education program “HiPROSPECTS(R)” (pdf 713KB)



    ◆  Faculty Of Integrated Arts and Sciences (pdf 4.75MB)


    ◆  Faculty Of Letters (pdf 3.85MB)


    ◆  Faculty School Of Education (pdf 4.99MB)


    ◆  Faculty Of Law (pdf 3.89MB)


    ◆  Faculty of Economics (pdf 3.82MB)


    ◆  Faculty Of Science (pdf 7.04MB)


    ◆  Faculty of Medicine (pdf 4.93MB) (Only curriculum is published)


    ◆  Faculty of Dentistry (pdf 4.84MB) (Only curriculum is published)


    ◆  Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (pdf 4.01MB) (Only curriculum is published)


    ◆  Faculty of Engineering (pdf 6.3MB)


    ◆  Faculty of Applied Biological Science (pdf 4.6MB)



Graduate schools


    ◆ The Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences (pdf 3.07MB)


    ◆ The Graduate School of Letters(pdf 5.06MB)


    ◆ The Graduate School of Education(pdf 5.26MB)


    ◆ The Graduate School of Social Sciences(pdf 4.72MB)


    ◆ The Graduate School of Science(pdf 3.12MB)


    ◆ The Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter(pdf 2.75MB)


    ◆ The Graduate School of Biomedical & Health Sciences(pdf 4.92MB)


    ◆ The Graduate School of Engineering (pdf 4.73MB)


    ◆ The Graduate School of Biosphere Science (pdf 5.40MB)


    ◆ The Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (pdf 2.23MB)


    ◆ The Hiroshima University Law School (pdf 3.45MB)