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AIMS-HU Program

Core-Human Resource Education for economic development, trustbuilt, and peace in Asia (CHREA)

The Asian International Mobility for Students (AIMS) Programme is SEAMEO RIHED's regional initiative to support the mobility of students and enhance cooperation in higher education among countries in Asia. 'AIMS-HU' is AIMS program implemented at Hiroshima University. It provides students with opportunities to study abroad, taking professional and common courses in English.

[Period of the Program]

From FY2013

[Aim of Program, Ideals of Global Human Resource on the Program]

Based on its guiding principles "The Pursuit of Peace" and "Collaboration with the Local, Regional, and International Community", Hiroshima University offers advantages of educational and research resources in each academic discipline and fosters core human resources contributing to peace building based on common economic development of Asia and the establishment of the relationship of mutual trust.

[Program Overview]

In this program, we will implement one-term bachelor-level students exchanges with partner universities in ASEAN countries, in the 4 disciplines of (1) Food Science and Technology & Agriculture, (2) Engineering, (3) Economics, (4) Language and Culture. It can improve students' global competency (foreign language proficiency, presentation skills, discussion skills, cross-cultural understanding, and leadership) and market oriented competitive power by lessons in English, seminars, global issue solving research.

Four areas of professional education (Partner university)


 Theme: Food Production and Safety Management, including Bio-Resource Production

 Developing persons who have a comprehensive understanding of bioresources from production to processing, marketing, and consumption

ENGINEERING (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia)

 Theme: Engineering for "MONOZUKURI"

 Developing engineers and researchers who can contribute to the globalizing industrial production field

ECONOMICS (Chulalongkorn University / The Bachelor of Arts Program in Economics, Thailand)

 Theme: Stable Market and Economic Policies in Asia

 Developing persons who understand the current states of regional economies and can contribute to the economic development of Asia

LANGUAGE & CULTURE (Chulalongkorn University / Bachelor of Arts Program in Language and Culture, Thailand)

 Theme: Language and Culture

 We are nurturing the next generation who understands the diversity of language and culture and challenges global issues with integrated perspectives.


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