International Student Support

Follow-up Services for Former International Students

(1) Follow-up Research Guidance
JASSO supports sending research advisors to visit former international students, who are currently engaged in educational or research activities at universities or research institutes in their home country/region. Two-to-three years must have passed since they have returned home after their study in Japan. The research advisor will be provided with all necessary fees, such as round-trip airfare, living fees, etc. The program aims to spread information about Japanese education and research through support for the advisor, as well as to enchance the education and research capabilities of former international student. The maximum length of stay for this program is 10 days.

(2) Follow-up Research Fellowship

JASSO provides this fellowship to former International students from developing countries/regions in Asia, Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa and other areas, and are currently engaged in education, research, or government activities in their home country/region. This fellowship invites former students back to Japan and gives them the opportunity to conduct short-term research with researchers at universities in Japan, with the aim of delving even further into their specialized research areas. The applicants must be under 45 years old and at least five years must have passed since they returned home after their period of study in Japan. The maximum length of stay for this fellowship is 90 days.

* JASSO Follow-up Technical Publication Donation - This service is no longer available.