International Student Support

Checklist for Graduation Procedures

  • On campus

At student support office of your school / graduate school外国人留学生の修了後の連絡先調べ Survey of Contact Addresses After Completion of Study 2020.png

Submit "Survey of Intl' Students' Contact Addresses After Completion of Study"

Return your student ID card.

Return your HIC card.(Complimentary card issued from Hiroshima International Center)

At library

Return your books on loan.

At Hiroshima University co-op shop

Return your HU coop's union card and receive money invested

  • Departure procedures for your apartment or housing

Communicate your departure date to your landlord and real estate agent (Normally, you must
contact them 1 month before your departure, but you might have to contact them a few
months before your departure in some cases. You should check your contract carefully. If
you depart from your apartment or housing without any contact, you may be forced to pay for
"breach of contract". )

Contact the electric power company, gas company and the waterworks bureau
(About 1 week before your departure) and pay the fees.

Dispose of large-sized rubbish and clean up your room. (Higashi-Hiroshima city) (Hiroshima city)

If you dispose of objects subject to the Home Appliance Recycling Law
(for example: Air-conditioner, TV, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, cloth dryer),
you have to ask an electronic appliance shop to collect them. (It costs money.)

If you dispose of PC, you must request your PC's maker to collect the item.

Contact your PC provider company and pay the fee for cancellations.

Your bicycle for waste

  To give away to your friends, you should follow the procedure for Security
registration-cancellation at the police office.

To dispose of, you should bring to the Refuse dump(at Kurose-cho), or take it to
a bicycle shop. (It costs 500~1,000yen)

  • Procedure at City Hall(Ward Office) where you live in

Notification of your moving-out (Bring your passport and Residence card)
(You need to notify when you go back to your country too.)
(If you move to another city, take a "Certificate of moving-out" from the city hall where you
live in now, and then submit a "Notification of moving-in" at city hall where you will live next.)

You must follow the procedure for the withdrawal of the National Health Insurance
(Bring your health insurance ID card).

Only members of the National Pension should withdraw from it.

  • Procedures at bank, post office, mobile phone company or credit card company

Cancel or close all bank accounts.
(You should leave it for a while in case you will receive your salary for a part-time job etc.)

Submit a "Notification of change of address" and request an "Account closure "at Post Office.

Contact your mobile phone company and credit card company and pay the cancellation fees.

  • Others

Return your Residence Card at the airport.

You must submit "Notification of the Accepting Organization" to the Immigration Bureau through online when you decide to move to another university or school while your student visa is valid. (How to submit a notification online)

Apply for Change of Status of Residence (When you find employment, or when you do job-hunting in Japan)

About the consul certification to identification of completion (Only for Chinese students) (2019.08.07 updated)

※Please confirm the latest information with Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in Osaka.

   Authentication of official seals / Apostille