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Academic Year 2024Year School/Graduate School Liberal Arts Education Program
Lecture Code 63300401 Subject Classification Area Courses
Subject Name 生活の中の遺伝と突然変異
Subject Name
Subject Name in
Inheritance and Mutation in human and animal life
ニシボリ マサヒデ
Campus Higashi-Hiroshima Semester/Term 1st-Year,  First Semester,  Intensive
Days, Periods, and Classrooms (Int) Inte:See Momiji Website for the detail.(Higashi-Hiroshima Campus)
Lesson Style Lecture Lesson Style
(More Details)
Lecture, Discussion, Presentation, and Report creation activities 
Credits 2.0 Class Hours/Week   Language of Instruction B : Japanese/English
Course Level 1 : Undergraduate Introductory
Course Area(Area) 26 : Biological and Life Sciences
Course Area(Discipline) 04 : Life Sciences
Eligible Students Undergraduate students, and High-school students
Keywords Mutation, Heredity, Gene, Animal/plant breeding, Making research plan, SDGs_03 
Special Subject for Teacher Education   Special Subject  
Class Status within
Liberal Arts Education
Area Courses(Courses in Natural Sciences) Category:Biology 
Expected Outcome1. To be able to explain the formation and development processes and contemporary issues of each academic discipline.
2. To be able to explain historical and contemporary issues that span multiple academic disciplines from multifaceted perspectives. 
Class Objectives
/Class Outline
Mutations in humans and animals produce individuals with new phenotype and morphology. Our ancestors, for example, have used such mutants (traits) of organisms to develop foodstuff that enrich our dietary habits. We are also products of inheritance and mutation. We will learn this inheritance and mutation in our lives and on the basis of familiar topics of animals and examples. Furthermore, with regard to this genetic and mutation, students learn in class how to prepare for conducting research (research for undergraduate and problem research), that is, what is necessary to start research (research literacy). 
Class Schedule lesson1 Introduction, Overview and orientation of the whole class schedule: Realize and recognize mutations of human and animal
lesson2  Mutation, and Breeding
lesson3  Law of inheritance
lesson4  Inheritance, DNA, and genome
lesson5  Copy mistake in gene replication
lesson6 Relationship between Gene and appearance, exercises
lesson7  Relationship between Gene and personality, constitution
lesson8  All phenotype controlled by genes?
lesson9  Acquired traits inherited?
lesson10  Minds inheritance?
lesson11  Phenotype, genotype and Environment, P=G+E
lesson12  Artificial genetic recombination technology
lesson13  Planning a research project, based on this knowledge
lesson14  Presentation your research plan for genetics
lesson15  Summary of this class inheritance and mutation 
Newton Press, topics of Low of inheritance, Gene and Genome 
PC or AV used in
(More Details) References, handout from Moodle, your PC 
Learning techniques to be incorporated  
Suggestions on
Preparation and
Learn about some key words before each class 
Grading Method Report (30% X 3 times), Working activities in each class (20%).
If the number of attendances is less than two-thirds of the total class, the grade will be “absent”. 
Practical Experience  
Summary of Practical Experience and Class Contents based on it  
Other This class is open not only to undergraduate students at Hiroshima University, but also to high school students in Hiroshima Prefecture. 
Please fill in the class improvement questionnaire which is carried out on all classes.
Instructors will reflect on your feedback and utilize the information for improving their teaching. 
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