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Academic Year 2024Year School/Graduate School School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Program of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lecture Code I7006001 Subject Classification Specialized Education
Subject Name 衛生薬学I
Subject Name
Subject Name in
Public Health Chemistry I
コタケ ヤイチロウ
Campus Kasumi Semester/Term 2nd-Year,  First Semester,  1Term
Days, Periods, and Classrooms (1T) Tues1-4:PHS Lecture Rm 2
Lesson Style Lecture Lesson Style
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Lecture, Power Point 
Credits 2.0 Class Hours/Week   Language of Instruction B : Japanese/English
Course Level 2 : Undergraduate Low-Intermediate
Course Area(Area) 27 : Health Sciences
Course Area(Discipline) 03 : Pharmaceutical Sciences
Eligible Students
Special Subject for Teacher Education   Special Subject  
Class Status
within Educational
(Applicable only to targeted subjects for undergraduate students)
Criterion referenced
(Applicable only to targeted subjects for undergraduate students)
Pharmaceutical Sciences
(Knowledge and Understanding)
・Understanding concerning preservation of the eco system and life environment, causes of environmental pollutants, and their influences on humans. ●quality ⑦

Medicinal Sciences
(Knowledge and Understanding)
・The knowledge relating to mutual reaction between chemical compounds including medicine and a human body 
Class Objectives
/Class Outline
The goal of this course is to obtain new knowledge on surrounding environment and public health. 
Class Schedule lesson1 What is environmental health Science ?
lesson2 Global envoronment and ecosystem
lesson3 Global environmenal problems
lesson4 Toxicity of chemicals and safety evaluation
lesson5 Water environment (1)
lesson6 Water environment (2)
lesson7 Atmosphere environment
lesson8 Room environment
lesson9 Soil environment
lesson10 Environmenal protection and government
lesson11 Chemical carcinogenesis
lesson12 Toxicity of chemicals (1)
lesson13 Toxicity of chemicals (2)
lesson14 Epidemiology
lesson15 Health statistics

Final exams 
PC or AV used in
(More Details) Resume 
Learning techniques to be incorporated  
Suggestions on
Preparation and
Grading Method Final exams, attendance record 
Practical Experience  
Summary of Practical Experience and Class Contents based on it  
Other SBOs that you can learn in this lecture are as follows.
【D2-(1)-①-1, D2-(1)-①-2, D2-(1)-①-3, D2-(1)-①-4, D2-(1)-①-5, D2-(1)-①-6, D2-(1)-①-7, D2-(1)-②-1, D2-(1)-②-2, D2-(1) -②-3, D2-(1)-②-4, D2-(1)-②-5, D2-(1)-③-1, D2-(1)-③-2, D2-(1)-③-3, D2-(2)-①-1, D2-(2)-①-2, D2-(2)-①-3, D2-(2)-①-4, D2-(2)-①-5, D2-(2)-②-1, D2-(2)-②-2, D2-(2)-②-3, D2-(2)-③-1, D2-(2)-③-2, D2-(2)-③-3, D2-(2)-③-4, D2-(2)-③-5, D2-(2)-③-6, D2-(2)-④-1, D2-(2)-④-2, D2-(2)-④-3, D2-(2)-⑤-1, D2-(2)-⑤-2, D2-(2)-⑥-1, D2-(2)-⑥-2, D2-(2)-⑥-3】 
Please fill in the class improvement questionnaire which is carried out on all classes.
Instructors will reflect on your feedback and utilize the information for improving their teaching. 
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