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Academic Year 2023Year School/Graduate School Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (Professional degree course) Division of Law School Program for Law Practice Professionals
Lecture Code PA344625 Subject Classification Specialized Education
Subject Name 労働法演習
Subject Name
Subject Name in
Seminar of Labor law
ヤマカワ カズヨシ
Campus Higashi-Senda Semester/Term 3rd-Year,  Second Semester,  Second Semester
Days, Periods, and Classrooms (2nd) Weds7-8
Lesson Style Seminar Lesson Style
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1) Students will prepare for classes based on instructions. Detailed information will be posted on TKC.
2) Students will consider and discuss specific cases. Also, students will topics related to the cases.
Credits 2.0 Class Hours/Week   Language of Instruction J : Japanese
Course Level 7 : Graduate Special Studies
Course Area(Area) 24 : Social Sciences
Course Area(Discipline) 01 : Law
Eligible Students
Special Subject for Teacher Education   Special Subject  
Class Status
within Educational
(Applicable only to targeted subjects for undergraduate students)
Elective subject 【d Development / Advanced subjects】 
Criterion referenced
(Applicable only to targeted subjects for undergraduate students)
Class Objectives
/Class Outline
1 By looking at specific cases, it is possible to accurately grasp the problems of the dispute and the solution contents.
2 Be able to apply appropriate laws in dispute resolution, and think and demonstrate for interpretation.
Dispute from a wider perspective through case studies involving multiple issues, covering the entire field of labor law, for persons with legal dispute resolution ability of a level that can be acquired by taking labor law 1 and labor law 2 It aims to acquire the solution ability. Indicated 2 or 4 cases / trials as subjects, and what kind of claim could be made, what kind of claim the parties made, and what kind of legal issues it would be connected to, etc. The purpose of this is to learn what kind of relationship it has with the content of the judgment in the judicial precedent / trial case, the existence of a solution different from that indicated by the judicial precedent / judicial precedent, etc., and to acquire the above-mentioned ability . Specifically, it deals with new and old important precedents in the fields of individual labor relations law and collective labor relations law. 
Class Schedule Examine cases related to labor protection law, labor contract law, and collective labor law (labor-management relation law). It may be replaced by the latest precedent. Also, the order of handling may be reversed.

The first mental health
2nd user identity
The third worker nature
The fourth personnel change
The 5th Group Behavior
The 6th Adopted, Undecided, Trial
The seventh unfair labor act
The 8th the disadvantage handling by reason of pregnancy, childbirth
The 9th Labor Agreement
10th Dismissal
The 11th Common Unfair Labor Act
The 12th corporate organization change
The 13th Non-regular Employment
The 14th Case study from the latest precedent
The 15th Case study from the latest precedent

Two or three reports (planned) 
Textbook: Kazuo Sugano, "Labor Act (12th edition)", (Kobundo, To be published in Feb 2019)|"100 Examples of Labor Act (9th edition)" |Reference books will be introduced later. Also, handouts will be given as needed. 
PC or AV used in
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Learning techniques to be incorporated  
Suggestions on
Preparation and
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Grading Method Final exam: 70% and class participation:30% 
Practical Experience  
Summary of Practical Experience and Class Contents based on it  
Please fill in the class improvement questionnaire which is carried out on all classes.
Instructors will reflect on your feedback and utilize the information for improving their teaching. 
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