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Academic Year 2022Year School/Graduate School Common Graduate Courses (Doctoral Course)
Lecture Code 8E550691 Subject Classification Common Graduate Courses
Subject Name 高度イノベーション人財のためのキャリアマネジメント[オンデマンド]
Subject Name
Subject Name in
Career Management for Highly Skilled Innovators[On-Demand]
ミス トシユキ,ヨシノ ヒロシ
Campus Higashi-Hiroshima Semester/Term 1st-Year,  First Semester,  2Term
Days, Periods, and Classrooms (2T) Inte:Online
Lesson Style Lecture Lesson Style
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Credits 1.0 Class Hours/Week   Language of Instruction J : Japanese
Course Level 5 : Graduate Basic
Course Area(Area) 21 : Fundamental Competencies for Working Persons
Course Area(Discipline) 03 : Career Education
Eligible Students Doctoral students
Keywords Work, Career, Highly skilled, Industry, Innovation 
Special Subject for Teacher Education   Special Subject  
Class Status
within Educational
Common Graduate Courses(Doctoral Course)
Category : Career Development and Data Literacy Courses
※On-demand classes of the Common Graduate Courses will be given to students without easy commuting access to regular classrooms in order to provide an opportunity for them to take these classes. 
Criterion referenced
Class Objectives
/Class Outline
In the knowledge economy, industry demands for highly-skilled talents have been increasing and rapidly changing. The aim of this class is to understand the future career options and competencies needed in various industries for graduate students and young researchers with research experience, irrespective of their specialization, through lectures and group discussions.

(1) Students can make practical and feasible plans for their career.
(2) Students can explain the diversity and characteristics of doctoral career paths. 
Class Schedule Lesson 1: June 15 (2T)
- Orientation
- Lecture: Career design for doctoral students

Lesson 2: June 22 (2T)
- Group discussion: Topic(s) will be based on the lecture in the preceding week

Lesson 3: June 29 (2T)
- Lecture: Diverse career paths (1)

Lesson 4: July 6 (2T)
- Group discussion: Topic(s) will be based on the lecture in the preceding week

Lesson 5: July 13 (2T)
- Lecture: Diverse career paths (2)

Lesson 6: July 20 (2T)
- Group discussion: Topic(s) will be based on the lecture in the preceding week

Lesson 7: July 27 (2T)
- Lecture: Diverse career paths (3)

Lesson 8: August 3 (2T)
- Group discussion: Topic(s) will be based on the lecture in the preceding week

Reports every two weeks (after group discussion) and a final report will be imposed.

- Lectures and group discussions will be given and recorded according to the schedule above, and then the videos will be uploaded to Moodle within following week.
- Students will watch the videos and write and submit the reports.
- Topics of reports may be modified or added, since students cannot join group discussions. 
To be distributed in class. 
PC or AV used in
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Learning techniques to be incorporated  
Suggestions on
Preparation and
Think carefully about your future career options and prepare for lessons by studying about the lecturers and their affiliations or related information. 
Requirements This course is subject to the priority adoption request form for course registration of Common Graduate Courses (Doctoral Course).All students are eligible to take these classes, but there are a limited number of places. Priority will be given to those who have filled out a request form because they are unable to take the course during the regular hours. Remaining places will be allocated on the basis of a random computerized draw. Please check the following URL for details.

Instructions regarding the course, such as the method of attending the course, the video viewing period, and the deadline for submitting assignments, will be separately instructed via the online learning system "Moodle" after the course registration is completed.

How to log-in to Moodle:
Go to Momiji main page (“top”) > click on Moodle (located in the bottom-right of the screen) > click on Moodleへログイン > enter your Hiroshima University ID (広大 ID) and password (パスワード) 
Grading Method Requirements for Acceptance of Credits: Submit all the tasks specified.

Students will be evaluated based on four reports and one final report, by using a rubric, together with attitudes in class. The rubric will be shared with students registered to the class on Moodle. Each report is equivalent to 20% of the overall score. 
Practical Experience  
Summary of Practical Experience and Class Contents based on it  
Message In the knowledge-based society, managing interdisciplinary knowledge and human resources from various fields is one of the key elements to successful innovation. It is important for graduate students and young researchers to realized career options in different industries, irrespective of their specialization.

Japanese language will be used in the classroom (both lectures and group discussions). However, you can write your reports in English if it is difficult to express your opinion in Japanese. 
Other Please contact Prof. YOSHINO Hiroshi (yoshinoh@hiroshima-u.ac.jp) and Wakate-yousei (wakateyousei@office.hiroshima-u.ac.jp) for inquiry.

If you have any questions about the contents of the delivered class, please contact the teacher in charge of the class (the above E-mail address) by e-mail directly. 
Please fill in the class improvement questionnaire which is carried out on all classes.
Instructors will reflect on your feedback and utilize the information for improving their teaching. 
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