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Academic Year 2020Year School/Graduate School Graduate School of Education (Master's Program)
Lecture Code NMD10160 Subject Classification Specialized Education
Subject Name 自然システム教育学特講(化学)II
Subject Name
Subject Name in
Special Lecture on Chemistry in Science Education II
アミモト キイチ
Campus Higashi-Hiroshima Semester/Term 1st-Year,  First Semester,  2Term
Days, Periods, and Classrooms (2T) Fri3-6:*Faculty Office
Lesson Style Lecture Lesson Style
【More Details】
Lecture-oriented, Frequent use of whiteboard 
Credits 2 Class Hours/Week   Language on Instruction J : Japanese
Course Level 6 : Graduate Advanced
Course Area(Area) 24 : Social Sciences
Course Area(Discipline) 08 : Curriculum and Instruction Sciences
Eligible Students M1 students etc.
Keywords Chemistry education, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, bio-related chemistry, functional materials, development of teaching contents, SDGs_4 
Special Subject for Teacher Education   Special Subject  
Class Status
within Educational
Criterion referenced
Class Objectives
/Class Outline
This lecture will provide viewpoints of chemistry contents-based studies for organic chemistry teaching and specific methods of basic research aiming at development of chemistry teaching contents to enhance knowledge on contents-based studies for chemistry education practice. In line with “Organic Chemistry”, “Materials Chemistry”, and “Life Science”  covered in high school science, lectures will provide. 
Class Schedule Lesson 1 Guidance

<Part 1 Organic Chemistry>
Lesson 2 Learning Contexts of Organic Chemistry
Lesson 3 Structure and Properties of Organic Compounds
Lesson 4 Organic Reactions
Lesson 5 Teaching Materials for Organic Chemistry

<Part 2 Polymer Chemistry>
Lesson 6 Learning Contexts of Polymer Chemistry
Lesson 7 Structure and Properties of Polymers
Lesson 8 Reactions of Polymers
Lesson 9 Utilization of Polymer Materials
Lesson 10 Teaching Materials for Polymer Chemistry

<Part 3 Bio-related Chemistry>
Lesson 11 Learning Contexts of Bio-related Chemistry
Lesson 12 Sugers
Lesson 13 Amino Acids and Proteins
Lesson 14 Lipids, Nucleic acids, and Enzymes
Lesson 15 Teaching Materials for Bio-related Chemistry

Exam or Reports will be set to acquire specialized knowledge and skill on Chemistry. 
Textbook: 田中春彦編著「これだけは知っておきたい 教員のための化学」培風館
Other reference books will be introduced in the class.  
PC or AV used in
Textbook, Handouts 
Suggestions on
Preparation and
As lectures will be provided through comparison with high school curriculum of Chemistry, refer to the high school textbook of Chemistry. 
Requirements The class will proceed by considering relations between chemistry/science technologies and human life and interdisciplinary topics between science and other subjects. Also, the reality of chemistry experiment teaching contents concerning this class will be introduced. 
Grading Method Students to be assessed by attendance status and reports to confirm knowledge and understanding level.  
Practical Experience  
Summary of Practical Experience and Class Contents based on it  
Please fill in the class improvement questionnaire which is carried out on all classes.
Instructors will reflect on your feedback and utilize the information for improving their teaching. 
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