Campus Life Information

Campus License Software and Infomation Security Policy

090.gifFor those admitted came as staff to Hiroshima University

This is the side to tell you how to use the mail and network.

090.gifMicrosoft blanket license & anti-virus software

This is the site to provide the students of this university (holding the university student ID) with Office, Windows and anti-virus software.

Use this site reading the usage guidance thoroughly.



Apply and download the anti-virus software from the "blanket licence"


090.gifMaking a note PC a must-have

Students admitted in 2015 academic year and after must have a note PC.

090.gifManual of risk management(limited only in school)※Japanese file

Read this manual when you face to information incident, such as computer virus infection.

090.gif What should we do in this case?

pc.gifQ1 What is information security compliance education? (in order to refrain from doing something dangerous)

bungu-enpitu2-16mi.gif Q2 What is a follow-up lecture in the account renewal year?

pc.gif Q3 I want to access Momiji and other school-limited information from home.

pc.gif Q4 I want to use school wire-less LAN (HINET Wi-Fi).

pc.gif Q5 What software can be used in research?

key.gif Q6 What point should I take care when bringing out data in USB memory?

key.gif Q7 I want to confirm the name of the file sharing software.

pc.gif Q8 Charging laptops in HU campus

As for the inquiries on this page (PC Q&A), please contact to "Inquiries to Information Media Center".