Campus Life Information

About the Distribution of Documents Accompanying the Procedure for Student Group Formation and its Renewal in 2017

Representatives of Student Groups currently doing activities(Circles and so on.)need to submit Notification of Formation or Renewal of Student Group for 2017.
You should download the form from the linked site mentioned below and submit it while confirming securely "Points to Notice about Notification of Student Group".

◎Points to Notice about Notification of Student Group

1.About Distribution and Submission of Document
Distributing Method...Please download from the linked site mentioned below.
Where to submit is as below.


Where to Submit

Groups in Higashi-Hiroshima Campus

Student Services Group,

Department of Educational Affairs

Student Plaza, 3F, counter No.3

Groups in Kasumi Campus

Student Support Group,

Kasumi Campus Management Support Office

Basic and Social Medicine Building,1F

Groups in Higashi-Senda Campus

Higashi-Senda Area Support Office

Please input necessary matters as data, keep them into a storage medium like USB memory and bring it to the place to submit.
For security, we won't accept the submission by E-mail.
And, the deadline for the groups having continued activities since last year is May 31, (Wednesday), however, if you newly formed a group, you have to submit it at each formation.

2.Notification of Formation or Renewal of Student GroupSubmit in Data
Please download the document and refer to the example to submit it.

Notification of Formation or Renewal of Student Group.xls
・Sheet 1 "Formation or Renewal of Group"... Please surely submit.
・Sheet 2 "List of Members"... Please surely submit.
・Sheet 3 "List of Director(Advisor) and Instructor"... Please submit in the case that you have advisor or instructor only.
・Sheet 4 "Application for Being Put on "Introduction of Circle" on Top Page of Momiji"... Please submit only when you wish to put your group on it.  
※Please surely refer!
About Putting Your Group on Introduction of Circle on Top Page of Momiji.pdf
☆When you want to link the name of your group to another site, you need to fill in another check sheet and submit it.
Check Sheet for Maintenance and Management of Website Put on the Top Page of Momiji (PDF)
[Reference] Social Media Guideline (PDF) 

※Circles in Kasumi Campus needs an advisor as the condition for its formation and renewal, so please notice that.
※When you submit it, please change the name of data file to that of each group to submit.

※ The sample of filling in Notification of Formation or Renewal of Student Group is here. → ○Sample of Filling in Notification of Formation or Renewal of Student Group.xls.. Including 4 sheets.

Student Services Group

Department of Educational Affairs,

Education Office

Phone: 082-424-6146(Sports)/6143(Culture)


(When you send an e-mail, please input @ in single-byte characters.)