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HIRAKU Practical Training Program provided by Global Career Design Center

Global Career Design Center ("GCDC") provides "the HIRAKU Practical Training Program" to doctorate students (D) and postdocs (PD) in early research career. It aims to nurture active researchers that will challenge new areas/disciplines. The HIRAKU Practical Training Program mainly consists of the subject classes/courses or seminars/events programmed by GCDC, to help you gain transferrable knowledge/skills to be maximized in the diversified opportunities in the society.

You can leverage our core IT system called "Young Researchers' Portfolio (or HIRAKU-PF)" as well, to keep track of your training/development record, to self-assess your competencies as a researcher, and to understand your strengths or selling points. You can also raise a counseling request via the system to receive relevant guidance and advice to develop your career. Please log in the system now to enjoy the multiple functions to assist you.

HIRAKU Practical Training Program

<Courses/Workshop offered by GCDC> *GCDC original seminars/events

Ⅰ.Development of Creativity     Knowledge and intellectural abilities (A)
【Optional】 "Innovation Practice"
"Pathway to becoming a Data Scientist"
Ⅱ.Career Development and Self-Management   Personal effectiveness (B)
【Mandatory】 "Career Management for Highly Skilled Innovators"
【Optional】 "Long-Term Internship"
"Career Management for Engineer"
"Career Management - Theory & Career Development"
"Stress Management"
Ⅲ.Professional Conduct and Research Management
Research governance and organisation (C)
【Mandatory】 *Professional Development Workshop
Ⅳ. Working with Others and Wider Impact of Research
Engagement, influence and impact (D)
【Optional】 "Skills and Arts of Leadership"
including *HIRAKU 3MT Competition (Semi-Final in June / Final in September 2019)

<Other recommended courses> *Seminars/events

Graduate School (GS), etc. Name of Courses/Programs
Writing Center

*On-demand Workshops on Academic Papers in English

GS of Education Principles and Methods of Academic Writing for Prospective College Teachers
Preparing for Future Faculty
GS of Advanced Sciences of Matters Lecture on Developing Communication Skills
GS for International Development Developing Designing Ability
GS of Engineering Technology Transfer
Technology Strategy for Management
Intellectual Property, Finance and Accounting
MOT and Venture Business
GS of Integrated Sciences for Life Theory and experiment of proteomics
GS of Science *Nano Bio Chemistry Symposium (to be held in December 2019.)


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