Emergency Information

[The risk of the cutting network has disappeared](PM2:35 July 11)Unconnection of "Momiji" etc. ,due to the campus network failure

At 12:00PM,July 18,2018,the detour construction for the campus network due to the torrential rain has been finished.
So the risk of the cutting network has disappeared.
At a later date, the construction for recovering regular optical fibers will be carried out.
If disconnection of "Momiji" etc. will happen, we'll announce again.

Posted at 11: 04, 19 July 2018

Education Office, Hiroshima University


Due to the influence of the torrential rain, there is a possibility of unconnection with Momiji TOP, My Momiji, and Automatic Certificate Issuance Machine.

・In case of unconnecting with Momiji TOP, please check the Emergency information by " Official Hiroshima University Homepage ", " Official Hiroshima University twitter", and " Official Hiroshima University Facebook".

・In case of unconnecting with My Momiji, as an alternative "Message" function, we'll contact by using your telephone number which have been notified or your Hiroshima University's e-mail(@hiroshima-u.ac.jp).

Please make note them carefully.

Currently, Information Media Center is trying to implement the urgent countermeasures.

They will inform you on the following website, Please check it at any time.


# In case of the failure, please check with smartphone etc.

Posted at 11: 03, 11 July 2018

Education Office, Hiroshima University