※一部更新※AGILEワークショップ2024 in India参加者募集! (4/23正午締切)/ AGILE Workshop 2024 in India (Deadline at noon 23 Apr.) 2024/3/1

【はじめに】※English follows
今回は、次世代のリーダーを目指して、「アントレプレナーシップ」をテーマにアジャイルワークショップを開催します。 2024年度はインドのビルラ技術科学大学ピラニ校大学で(来年度は広島大学開催予定)開催します。ワークショップではデジタルビジネスの最新動向やブロックチェーン技術の実践、地域社会の振興、そして21世紀における持続可能な社会に向けた議論を通じて、アントレプレナーシップに焦点を当てた探究を行います。さらに、様々なバックグラウンドを持つ英・豪・印の学生と一緒に参加することで、国際人に必要な感覚や視野を身に付けることができます。未来を見据えつつ、この興味深い学びにチャレンジしてみませんか。全日程に参加が可能な学生で、英印豪の学生と積極的に交流していきたいという意欲のある方の応募をお待ちしています。
2024年8月27日 (火)~9月8日 (日)
インド ビルラ技術科学大学ピラニ校
Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India(BITS)
※原則TOEIC L&Rで680点以上あること
3.オンラインを含む、セミナーの全行程 (オンライン授業8月中1-3回、ワークショップ8月27日~9月8日) に参加できる方
10名 (定員を超えた場合は選考します)
このワークショップは、 学部生のみ教養科目 (前期・2単位) として履修登録が可能です。
* 全プログラムに参加した学生には、修了証書/デジタルバッチが授与されます。
広島大学 グローバル化推進グループ
Tel. 082-424-3867
E-mail: kokusai-ryugaku@office.hiroshima-u.ac.jp
【English version】
AGILE Workshop 2024 in India (Deadline at noon 23 Apr.) 
The total of about 30 students from four partner universities and Hiroshima University will gather at Hiroshima University for the AGILE Workshop. In this workshop, students experience an idea-discovery seminar designed to enhance their creativity and ability to generate ideas through lectures, discussions and group work in English. The aim is also to encourage students to take the initiative in conducting the workshops through repeated practice and learning by discussing with students from diverse backgrounds.
Agile workshops are held for the next generation of leaders to learn about 'Entrepreneurship'. This year's event will be held at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India (to be held at Hiroshima University next year). The workshop will focus on entrepreneurship through discussions on the latest trends in digital business, blockchain technology practices, community promotion and sustainability in the 21st century. Furthermore, by participating alongside British, Australian and Indian students from a variety of backgrounds, you will develop the sense and perspective required of an international person.
Why not take up the challenge of this interesting learning experience while looking to the future?
We look forward to receiving applications from students who are able to attend the entire program and who are willing to actively interact with British, Indian and Australian students.
Tue. Aug 27, .2024 – Sun. Sep 8, 2024
Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India
1. Undergraduate students at HU and who has 680 or more in TOEIC L&R
*Undergraduate students have priority, but graduate students can join if slots available. Please inquire.
2. Those who are willing to participate in discussions in English.
3. Those who can participate in the entire itinerary, including the online sessions (Online sessions: sometime in August, Workshop, August 27 – September 8).
【Number of recruiting】
10 students 
* HU will select 10 students if more than 10.
*Points are awarded to participants who have taken the e-START in 2023 & in the first semester of 2024.
【Program support and your own expense】
Program fee: free
Flight fee: Partial or full support available  
【Your own expense】  
Meals and personal expenses on your own
VISA application fee
*Please note that you may be asked to contribute to the cost of airline tickets.
【Program details】
Please find the flyer and the application guidelines at the bottom of this page.
【How to Apply】
Please fill out the application form the link below.
This workshop can be registered as a Liberal Arts course (first semester, 2 credits).
*This course will be conducted entirely in English.
*Students who have participated in all programs will receive a certificate of completion or a digital badge.
【Application period】
Application Period: 4-March(Mon) to 23-Aprl(Tue) 2024
【For Inquiries】
Global Initiatives Group, Hiroshima University
Tel. 082-424-3867
E-mail: kokusai-ryugaku@office.hiroshima-u.ac.jp